2023 China Photoresist Industry Market Prospects and Investment Research Report

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2023 China Photoresist Industry Market Prospects and Investment Research Report

Posted Date: 2024-01-21

PhotoresistAlso known as photoresist, it refers to an etching-resistant thin film material whose solubility changes through irradiation or radiation such as ultraviolet light, electron beam, ion beam, X-ray, etc. It is one of the core electronic materials used in semiconductor manufacturing. one.

As the scale of wafer manufacturing continues to increase, China is expected to undertake the transfer of the semiconductor photoresist industry chain.

01 Photoresist definition

Photoresist, also known as "photoresist", is a carrier medium used for photolithography. It can use photochemical reactions to convert light information into chemical energy after diffraction and filtering in the photolithography system. This transfers fine patterns from the reticle to the substrate to be processed.

According to different development effects, photoresists can be divided into positive photoresists and negative photoresists; according to different chemical structures, they can be divided into photopolymerized, photodecomposed and photocrosslinked types; according to downstream applications, they can be divided into semiconductor photoresists , panel photoresist, PCB photoresist. Specifically as shown in the figure:

02Photoresist industry development policy

In recent years, the photoresist industry has received great attention from governments at all levels and key support from national industrial policies. The country has successively introduced a number of policies to support the development of the photoresist industry, providing a good environment for the development of the photoresist industry. The specific policies for China’s photoresist industry are as follows:

03Development status of photoresist industry

1. Market size

At present, my country's photoresist industry chain has begun to take shape. From upstream raw materials, midstream finished product manufacturing to downstream applications, it is gradually improving. With the gradual expansion of downstream demand, the photoresist market has grown significantly. The "2024-2029 Global and China Photoresist and Photoresist Auxiliary Materials Industry Development Status Research and Investment Prospects Analysis Report" released by the China Business Industry Research Institute shows that the size of my country's photoresist market has increased from 5.87 billion yuan in 2017 to 2022. 9.86 billion yuan annually, with an average annual compound growth rate of 10.9%. Analysts from the China Business Industry Research Institute predict that my country’s photoresist market is expected to reach 10.92 billion yuan in 2023.

2. Product structure

Photoresist can be divided into panel photoresist (LCD photoresist), PCB photoresist and semiconductor photoresist (chip photoresist). Among them, semiconductor photoresist is more difficult to produce. Among the global photoresist products, the three types of photoresist production structures are relatively balanced. In contrast, my country's photoresist industry started late, and its production capacity is mainly concentrated in mid- to low-end products such as PCB photoresists. Among them PCB photoresist accounts for 94%, while high-end products such as semiconductor photoresist still need to be imported in large quantities, and the self-sufficiency rate is low. In the future, as the production capacity of photoresist companies increases, my country's photoresist production structure will be further optimized.

3. Competitive landscape

The photoresist market is monopolized by foreign giants such as Tokyo Inka, DuPont, JSR, and Sumitomo Chemical, and Japanese companies occupy an important position in the global photoresist market. Among them, Tokyo Yinghua's market share is as high as 26%, and DuPont, JSR, and Sumitomo Chemical's market shares are 17%, 16%, and 10% respectively.

4. Enterprise layout

The above information is for reference only. If there are any omissions or deficiencies, please correct me!

Excellent and measurableThere are many applications in the photoresist industry:

White light interferometer AM seriesOften used to measure the surface roughness, line width and height of photoresist;

Film thickness measuring instrument AF seriesCommonly used to measure coating thickness, coating thickness, etc. on photoresist.

The following are some test cases:

White light interferometer AM series measures photoresist line width and line height

Film thickness meter measures photoresist coating thickness

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