24V high-voltage all-metal brushless servo DS-R009D with torque up to 150kg

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24V high-voltage all-metal brushless servo DS-R009D with torque up to 150kg

Posted Date: 2024-01-20

The 24V high-voltage all-metal brushless servo DS-R009D carefully developed by Desheng Intelligent has excellent performance among many similar products with its excellent performance and powerful torque. In terms of shell: the body of DS-R009D is made of all metal and adopts The strengthened steel tooth design greatly improves the strength and stability of the product. Inside the fuselage: High-performance brushless motor with magnetic encoder has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise and long life, and can maintain high performance during long-term operation. Integrated control system: It can realize the collaborative operation of multiple devices and improve the overall work efficiency.

SpecificationsProduct advantages
  • RS485 bus communication

RS485 bus communication enables DS-R009D to demonstrate a high degree of integration and versatility in industrial automation and other fields, allowing the servo to seamlessly connect with other equipment. Since multiple servos can be mounted on one main control unit, and each servo can set its own ID, collaborative operation of multiple devices can be achieved, improving overall work efficiency. At the same time, the closed-loop control and real-time feedback functions such as angle and temperature allow the operating status of the steering gear to be fully controlled, allowing users to adjust the control strategy in real time to ensure stable and reliable operation.

  • 18~28V high voltage

Using 18~28V high-voltage power supply, it can maintain stable operating performance in various environments. The wide voltage range reduces the equipment's dependence on power supply, improves the adaptability and reliability of the steering gear, and avoids the risk of failure caused by unstable power supply.

  • CNC full metal body + reinforced gear set

The CNC all-metal steering gear housing is paired with a thickened gear set, which greatly enhances the product's strength and impact resistance. The middle shell of the steering gear is hollowed out, which can significantly improve its heat dissipation performance. Advanced anodizing technology is used to surface treat the fuselage to make it have excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

  • High-performance brushless motor + magnetic encoder

Since the brushless motor eliminates the brush, the service life of the steering gear is greatly improved. At the same time, it is equipped with a magnetic encoder to further extend the service life of the steering gear.

  • Multiple protection mechanisms

It is equipped with triple protection mechanisms of stall protection, voltage protection, and temperature protection, which comprehensively improves the stability and reliability of the product and can be customized as needed.

  • Wide range of applications

DS-R009D can be widely used in various industrial automation equipment, unmanned vehicle chassis, large UAV rudder control, pipeline robots, wind power generation and other fields. Its powerful torque output and stable operating performance provide a strong guarantee for the smooth advancement of various engineering projects.

  • A variety of styles are available and can be customized as needed

The company's brand is endorsed by a number of industry practical patents, and it provides one-stop solutions from steering gear research and development to production. It has an annual production capacity of 12 million units, more than 80 engineering R&D personnel, and more than 500 existing product categories.Cooperation with many first-line brands, the entire supply chain is controllable, delivery is stable, quality is guaranteed, and the professional steering gear is from Desheng.

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