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5V load switch includes reverse-blocking and current limiting

5V load switch includes reverse-blocking and current limiting

Posted Date: 2023-08-18
5V load switch includes reverse-blocking and current limiting

The two x 2mm NPS4053, as will probably be know, is optimised use in moveable units similar to pocket book computer systems, desktops and docking stations, and automotive infotainment methods – it's UL 62368 recognised and there's an AEC-Q100 certified automotive model.

Typical on-resistance of the interior p-channel MOSFET is 55mΩ with 5.5V on the enter, 65mΩ at 3.6V and 80mΩ at 2.5V.

Present restrict is about by a resistor (soft-start is included) and an open-drain flag output is pulled low throughout over-current, over-temperature and reverse-voltage situations.

Beneath-voltage lock-out is included, and there's an allow pad which can drop consumption to 1 µA when a logic low is current.

Vin-Vout can vary throughout ±6V, though no pad might be taken greater than 300mV beneath the bottom pin.

The gadget is reverse-blocking: there isn't any parasitic physique diode to conduct present from output to enter, and when the output voltage exceeds the enter voltage (by 75mV for 500ns), the interior MOSFET it routinely turned off.

The corporate factors out that not less than 120µF of capacitance is required on the output for USB port purposes, or as a lot capacitance as required to satisfy anticipated output transients in different purposes.

Packaging is 2 x 2 x 0.75mm lead-less HWSON6 (SOT8044-1, 6pad, 0.65mm), whose thermal pad must be related to floor externally.

Operation is throughout -40 to +125°C.

“Load switches play a vital position in managing present and voltage in a managed method from supply to the load,” stated the corporate. “In a typical energy chain, the NPS4053 is often positioned closest to the load for energy sequencing and inrush-current management, and shutting off energy islands to preserve energy.”

The usual and automotive load change variations might be discovered right here

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