64bit Arm MCU gets a PCIe interface for 5G wireless modules

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64bit Arm MCU gets a PCIe interface for 5G wireless modules

Posted Date: 2024-01-18

Renesas RZG3S MCU block

RZ/G3S can stand-by for 10µW, run Linux, and provides a PCI Express interface “that enables high-speed connectivity with 5G wireless modules”, said the company. “Additionally, the device boasts enhanced security features such as tamper detection to ensure data security.”

Processing comes from a 1.1GHz Arm Cortex-A55 core and two 250MHz Cortex-M33 ‘sub-CPUs’.

“Users can distribute the MPU’s workloads to sub-CPUs, allowing the device to handle tasks such as receiving data from sensors, controlling system functions and managing power,” said Renesas, adding that the device can stand-by with a sub-CPU operating for 40mW.

For fast Linux start-up, DRAM data is retained by DDR self-refresh.

Peripherals include Gigabit Ethernet, CAN and USB.

To increase reliability, ECC (Error Correction Code) is supported on both internal memory and the external DDR interface.

Renesas has prepared a fork of Linux for the IC.

“The VLP [verified Linux package] based on the industrial-grade CIP [Civil Infrastructure Platform] Linux is available for the RZ/G3S,” it said. “With VLP, developers receive over 10 years of maintenance support, ensuring long-term protection against security threats. The device also provides tamper detection along with secure boot and secure debug.”

Renesas’ RZ/G series of 64bit MCUs

Level 2 PSA Certified is planned, and IAR is supporting the root-of-trust with its ‘Embedded Workbench for Arm’ development tool.

Use is also foreseen in smart meters and tracking devices.

Find the RZ/G3S product page here

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