A brief introduction to PY32C613 microcontroller

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A brief introduction to PY32C613 microcontroller

Posted Date: 2024-01-17

PY32C613 microcontroller is a new high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ core and wide voltage operating range MCU launched by Puran. The price is very competitive in the market and the peripherals are very rich. PY32C613 embeds up to 64 Kbytes flash and 8 Kbytes SRAM memory, has a maximum operating frequency of 48 MHz, and is packaged in QFN20. The chip integrates multiple communication peripherals such as I2C and SPI, 1 12-bit ADC, 5 16-bit timers, and 2 comparators.

In terms of development, because it is a universal 32-bit M0 core, it can be developed on IDEs such as Keil5, IAR, VScode, etc., and can be programmed and debugged using STLink, DAPLink or JLink. It is very fast to get started.

The operating temperature range of the PY32C613 series microcontroller is -40℃~85℃, and the operating voltage range is 1.7V~5.5V. The chip provides sleep and stop low-power working modes to meet different low-power applications.

The PY32C613 series of microcontrollers are suitable for a variety of application scenarios, such as controllers, handheld devices, PC peripherals, gaming and GPS platforms, industrial applications, etc.

For more details about the PY32C613 microcontroller, you can download the specification sheet to view.

Review Editor: Liu Qing

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