A sneak peek!Five highlights of the Optical Technology Conference announced

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A sneak peek!Five highlights of the Optical Technology Conference announced

Posted Date: 2024-01-30

Optical Technology Conference PHOTONICS CONGRESS CHINA It will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 20-22, 2024, together with the Munich Shanghai Optical Expo. This conference is rich in topics and focuses on hot topics in the industry. The topics include the latest scientific and technological research and development achievements and progress such as computational optical imaging technology, meta-optical surface technology, semiconductor optical technology, optical micro-nano detection, infrared detection technology, lasers, and laser technology. At the same time, The conference will focus on application scenarios such as semiconductors, new energy, automotive engineering, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, etc., and multiple optical themed training classes will be added to bring more professional courses to optoelectronics people.

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Look at the trends! Come to the keynote report of the Optical Technology Conference!

The keynote report of the Optical Technology Conference will be held at the New International Expo Center on March 20 at the same time as the Munich Shanghai Optical Expo. The conference will bring together well-known experts, scholars and industry leaders from the fields of lasers, optics, infrared and other fields to discuss the future trends of the optoelectronics industry and discuss the future trends of the optoelectronics industry. The close integration of science, R&D and industrial applications provides scientific theoretical support for the drawing of industry development blueprints and gives more unique practical value to industrial development.

Optical technology and laser technology help semiconductor testing, chip manufacturing, and new energy vehicle manufacturing!

Semiconductor Optical Technology Forum
The application of semiconductor optical technology in mobile Internet, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other fields continues to expand, and it has become one of the strategic industries for national information construction and economic development, showing large-scale production, continuous progress in manufacturing technology, transistor and chip size trend of shrinking. The development of semiconductor optical technology provides the possibility for more new optical applications. It can be used to design and manufacture smaller and lighter optical components, as well as research new optical systems, and can be used to manufacture special optical components for Optical applications offer new possibilities.

Optical micro-nano detection technology forum
With the advancement and continuous development of science and technology, micro-nano technology has become a hot field in the modern industry and one of the indicators to measure the level of the country's cutting-edge science and technology. Detection technology and micro-nano processing technology complement each other and are an important guarantee for processing accuracy. . Intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from quality control. Quality is the vitality of industrial manufacturing enterprises, and optimizing quality management is the key to improving quality competitiveness. Optical inspection is an important guarantee for product quality, accuracy and performance in the industrial manufacturing process. In the era of intelligent manufacturing, optical detection has great development potential and application prospects. The Optical Micro-Nano Detection Technology Forum will be based on optical micro-nano detection technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing and provide a platform for exchange and learning for experts, scholars and industry representatives in the field.

Laser technology provides new opportunities for the development of the pan-semiconductor industry
The pan-semiconductor industry includes semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing, new energy photovoltaic manufacturing, advanced display manufacturing, LED and other industries. With the country’s emphasis on the semiconductor industry and the development of new energy, new display and other applications, the pan-semiconductor industry has a strong presence in the Chinese market. development foundation and market potential. As an advanced precision processing tool, laser plays an indispensable key role in many process links of the pan-semiconductor industry. On March 20, 2024, "Laser World" magazine will join hands with the Munich Shanghai Light Expo to hold the LaserFocusCon laser technology and application seminar during the exhibition. Discussions will be held around the topic of "laser technology helps the pan-semiconductor industry develop new opportunities" .

2024New Energy Body Laser and Quality Control Summit Forum
With the support and drive of national policies, the new energy vehicle market has formed an unstoppable development trend. Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in early 2023 show that my country's new energy vehicles will continue to grow explosively in 2022, and will remain the first in the world for eight consecutive years, with market penetration reaching a new high. The continued growth in production and sales has also brought huge business opportunities to the laser technology market. Laser technology plays an irreplaceable role in the manufacturing of vehicle body-in-white, lithium batteries, motors and other parts. The New Energy Body Laser and Quality Control Summit Forum will be held around the application of laser technology in new energy vehicles, lithium batteries, motors and other parts, focusing on laser welding, laser cutting and other laser processing technologies.

Laser technology helps intelligent manufacturing to be efficient, stable, precise and reliable!

High-performance and high-power fiber laser technology forum

High-power fiber laser technology is one of the most popular research directions in the field of optoelectronic technology at home and abroad in recent years, and has a large demand in industry, military and national defense and other fields. Compared with traditional solid-state lasers, fiber lasers have many advantages, such as high efficiency, high stability, high beam quality, better stability and reliability, etc. The output power of this laser can reach the kilowatt level or even higher, enabling efficient and high-precision processing and manufacturing. With the continuous development and improvement of technology, this technology has made many breakthroughs in many key technologies and key components, and has achieved rapid development in industry applications. The complete industrial chain covers materials, components, lasers, and laser systems. It is widely used in industry, medical care, scientific research, military and national defense and other fields, providing strong support for the rapid development of advanced manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, energy, automobiles and other fields.The High-Performance and High-Power Fiber Laser Technology Forum will bring together laser technology experts, scientific researchers, business representatives and industry leaders from all over the world to discussHigh-power fiber laser technology with high power stability, high amplitude characteristics, and high spectral characteristics.

LiDAR Technology and Application Frontier Forum

"Provide upstream cutting-edge technologies and application solutions for the lidar industry"
The applications of lidar technology cover many fields such as military, environmental science, aerospace, archaeological research, building surveying, and robotics. Currently, it is faced withAutopilotThis huge opportunity. The global lidar industry is pursued by various types of capital, attracting not only eyeballs but also funds. The core components of the lidar system include: photodetectors, lasers, collimating lenses, scanning mirrors, digital-to-analog converters, etc. Leading companies from these fields will gather at the Munich Shanghai Optical Expo. The LiDAR Technology and Application Frontier Forum will attract well-known manufacturers of key technologies such as laser light sources, optical components, and sensing technologies, domestic and foreign LiDAR suppliers, research school representatives, industrial automation manufacturers, and automotive Tier 1 suppliers. Users from manufacturers and automotive OEMs participated in the meeting to discuss the future trends of the lidar industry.

Laser technology innovation continues to empower smart manufacturing

As the manufacturing industry develops towards higher-end, more precise, more automated and intelligent directions, laser technology has become an indispensable key tool in the manufacturing field, including cutting, welding, marking, drilling, structuring... Lasers play a different role in manufacturing. As application requirements continue to improve, core indicators such as laser optical power, beam quality, pulse energy, and available wavelengths are constantly achieving new breakthroughs, thus opening up more application possibilities for the manufacturing industry. On March 21, 2024, "Laser World" magazine will join hands with the Munich Shanghai Light Expo to hold the LaserFocusCon laser technology and application seminar during the exhibition. Discussions will be held around the topic of "laser technology innovation continues to empower intelligent manufacturing."

Optical hot spot! Computational optical imaging technology,Metastructured optical surface technology,Infrared detection technology!

Computational Optical Imaging Technology Forum
The rapid development of information technology has injected new life into optical imaging, and computational imaging has emerged, quietly subverting the way humans and machines perceive the world. Computational optical imaging technology deeply explores the latest developments in the field. By jointly optimizing optical systems and signal processing, specific imaging functions and characteristics are achieved, and ultimately higher-dimensional information is obtained through information. It is the next generation of optical imaging computing technology after optical imaging. It is the inevitable product of today's society's photoelectric imaging technology entering the information age. Computational optical imaging uses light as part of information, blurs the boundary between the physical world and the digital world, breaks through traditional physical constraints, and achieves an unprecedented visual experience. It has made breakthroughs in changing the way humans and machines perceive the world. Fields such as mobile phone photography, medical care, surveillance, industrial testing, and driverless driving have begun to be applied on a large scale. The Computational Optical Imaging Technology Forum will be held at the same time as the 2024 Munich Shanghai Optical Expo to discuss cutting-edge issues in computational optical imaging technology and share industry experience and research results.

Metastructured Optical Surface Technology Forum
Metasurface refers to a surface with periodic microstructure, whose scale ranges from nanometers to micrometers. This structure can cause interference effects between reflected and transmitted light, achieving selective reflection or transmission of light. Its physical properties are also determines its importance in hyperspectral imaging and analysis. Because metasurfaces can manipulate the amplitude, phase, polarization, and frequency of light in extraordinary ways, they can be used in a variety of optical applications, including holography, color printing, beam shaping and edge detection, polarization generation and detection, and terahertz wave generation. Creation and utilization, as well as optical encryption communication anti-counterfeiting technology, etc., and also has rich application prospects in imaging, wavefront engineering, nonlinear optics, quantum information processing, etc. The Metastructured Optical Surface Technology Forum will be held at the same time as the 2024 Munich Shanghai Light Expo to discuss metastructured optical surface technology.

Infrared Detection Technology Frontier Forum
As the potential demand market for the global infrared industry continues to grow, the civilian market will usher in a period of rapid growth in market demand in industries such as power, construction, law enforcement, fire protection, and vehicles. Especially during the epidemic era, the integration of infrared detection systems once became a focus. The development of emerging markets will also become an important driving force for the growth of my country's infrared market. At the same time, infrared technology has been widely used in weapons and equipment and is an indispensable part of modern high-tech conventional weapons and equipment. The 2024 Munich Shanghai Optical Expo will hold the "2024 Infrared Detection Technology Frontier Forum", combined with the "Infrared Technology and Application Product Featured Display" in Hall W5, to bring the audience a combination of technology popularization, academic cutting-edge, industry cutting-edge product display and application solutions in different fields. , committed to providing industry audiences with a communication platform that integrates industry, academia and research.

Optical training courses help the industry develop steadily!

The development and breakthroughs of new technologies provide new impetus for scientific research. Optical systems, as a non-invasive and non-destructive method, and optical instruments, as a very important component category in the instrumentation industry, are used in various scientific research and industries. In the process, especially the development of various types of optical microscopes, optical measurement instruments and optical detection instruments have continued to gain unanimous favor from scientific research and industry.The Department of Optical Science and Engineering of Fudan University has a profound accumulation of teaching and research on basic optical knowledge and multi-disciplinary integration. It will be held at the Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich. Advanced optical system design training class, advanced optical instrument design training class The two major courses are planned to combine the advantages of both aspects to become a comprehensive and intensive course for cultivating optical engineers.

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