After 20 years of persistence, a domestic EDA company has developed steadily and innovated continuously.

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After 20 years of persistence, a domestic EDA company has developed steadily and innovated continuously.

Posted Date: 2024-01-25

Electronic Enthusiast Network reported (Text/Huang Jingjing) When it comes to the domestic EDA industry, many people may think of phenomena such as the surge in the number of domestic EDA start-ups in recent years, the accumulation of capital for investment, and the high popularity of the industry. But in fact, there are also some outstanding companies in China that have been working in this field for a long time, including BGI Jiutian, Banlun Electronics, Sierxin, etc.

On January 18, Silxin celebrated its 20th anniversary, so congratulations! Mr. Lin Junxiong, the founder, chairman and CEO of Silxin, resolutely returned to China to establish Silxin twenty years ago. He aimed at the field of digital chip prototype verification and led the team to make unremitting efforts. The company ranked second globally and ranked first domestically in the prototype verification market. One's leading position.

Picture: Lin Junxiong, founder, chairman and CEO of Silxin

At the celebration forum, Lin Junxiong said with emotion when delivering a keynote speech. When he stood on the terrace of the venue, overlooking the city, his eyes swept across the historic Yuyuan Garden and looked at the modern skyscrapers in front of him, including the... The "Magic City Three-piece Suite" includes the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jin Mao Tower and World Financial Center. This scene reminded him of the days when he first came to Shanghai to found Silxin twenty years ago. At that time, China's EDA field was still in its infancy. The past twenty years of Silxin are not only the epitome of domestic EDA, but also a witness to the development and growth of China's chip industry.

Silxin launched the first-generation prototype verification system in 2005, and successively released the first-generation design segmentation software, collaborative simulation software, etc. It has been focusing on the verification field until 2018.

It was acquired by Guowei Group in 2018 and jointly undertook the national major digital full-process EDA project. Later, it obtained hundreds of millions of yuan in financing, and in 2022 it acquired Guowei Jingrui and others.

By strengthening core technologies and external mergers and acquisitions, Sierxin has comprehensively laid out architecture design (Genesis), software simulation (PegaSim), hardware simulation (OmniArk), prototype verification (Prodigy), Various digital EDA tools, including digital debugging (Claryti Core) and EDA Cloud, have now formed a complete digital front-end design verification solution.

Silxin is currently used by more than 600 global chip design companies, with customers in China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc., including well-known companies such as Intel, Samsung, Sony, Realtek, Black Sesame, and Kaixin Institute. Mature products proven and recognized by the market.

Lin Junxiong believes that if domestic EDA wants to seize market opportunities, it must see the rapid development of domestic chip design and promote EDA tool innovation. Nowadays, new opportunities for digital circuit design include RISC-V, Chiplets, AI, automotive electronics, etc., and new architectures, standards, requirements and concepts are driving the progress of the industry.

Silxin focuses on providing solutions for new technologies and applications, customer demand orientation, and the proposed precision core strategy. On the one hand, it shifts the cycle to the left and wants to be in front of customers. On the other hand, it is heterogeneous verification through rich and comprehensive solutions. To help customers conduct system-level verification. In addition, in terms of services, it supports rapid iteration of products and meets localized support and customized services. At the same time, we also work with ecological partners to establish a win-win ecosystem.

At the forum, Dean Zhang Wei of the School of Microelectronics of Fudan University pointed out that building an EDA ecological chain requires the joint efforts of the industry chain, including collaboration in IP, design, manufacturing and other aspects. Dean Zhang also expressed that Fudan University is willing to cooperate with Sierxin to specialize in cultivating talents in the EDA field and send outstanding undergraduates to leading companies such as Sierxin through bachelor, master and doctoral programs for practice.

In fact, Silxin has been focusing on sincere cooperation with partners in the EDA industry chain for many years to jointly create the entire digital EDA process and empower the development of domestic EDA. This time, Silxin demonstrated the results of cooperation with a number of well-known companies, including Innosilicon, China Microchip, Tencent Cloud, etc.

Lin Junxiong said that the cooperation between Silxin and Innosilicon is a complete combination of EDA + IP, allowing customers to build on the decades of knowledge accumulation and customer experience of both parties, and complete an application close to their specific application needs in a very short time. SoC reconstruction reduces risks and accelerates the software development process, enabling system integration in advance. In the future, the EDA+IP cooperation model will become more important in the needs of complex chip fields such as AI, GPU and HPC.

As a brother company of Silxin, Guoweixin and Silxin cooperate very closely. Data is exchanged through the Testbench platform built by Silxin's Pegasim software simulation and the standard interface provided by National Microchip to achieve digital-analog mixed simulation. This collaboration method effectively achieves efficient digital-analog mixed simulation, which not only demonstrates the professional strength of the two companies in the field of EDA, but also provides new solutions for dealing with increasingly complex chip design problems.

In addition, Silxin's PegaSim can also be connected to National Microchip's formal verification tools, focusing on in-depth verification of those unreachable parts of the coverage library file, significantly enhancing the code coverage during the software simulation process.

Silxin also announced at the forum that it would cooperate with Tencent Cloud to create EDA cloud services. Through EDA cloud services, design teams can access a large number of computing resources according to needs and effectively handle complex chip design and simulation tasks. Maintenance and upgrade services from cloud service providers ensure teams are always using the latest tools, speeding up product development cycles.

In terms of ecological construction, Mr. Lin Junxiong officially released the "Diversified Cooperation, Creation and Win-Win Action Plan" at the scene. Currently, 5 companies have joined this plan, including Wuhan Innosilicon Technology Co., Ltd., Innosilicon Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Company, QiMoore (Shanghai) Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guowichip Technology Co., Ltd., and Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. It is hoped that chip design companies, ecological partners and university institutions will join this cooperation to jointly create a more optimized and collaborative win-win ecosystem.

The picture shows Sierxin and five companies launching the "Diversified Cooperation to Create a Win-Win Action Plan"

Lin Junxiong said that after 20 years of development, our team is in its prime. In the future, we will continue to deepen existing EDA tools and business, and create greater customer value through the layout of new technologies and forward-looking exploration. Open up new growth points and continue to strive towards the goal of becoming the world's leading EDA company.

The wave of domestic EDA development is unstoppable, and Silxin has a first-mover advantage. With 20 years of persistence, its EDA technology and products have carved a niche in the field of digital front-end design verification. At present, the most talked about domestic EDA is the EDA full-process tool. In this regard, the strong alliance between Sierxin and SMIC, as well as other possible future cooperation, are all accelerating the realization of the whole process. Ecology is the key to EDA application, and Silxin takes the lead in the ecological construction of industry-university-research cooperation. These measures are Sierxin's responsibility as a pioneer and leading domestic EDA company. All parties work together to make domestic EDA stronger and bigger.

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