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AUO G150XTN06.0 LCD Display

AUO G150XTN06.0 LCD Display

Posted Date: 2023-08-01
AUO G150XTN06.0 LCD Display
AUO G150XTN06.0 LCD Display
AUO G150XTN06.0 LCD Display
AUO G150XTN06.0 LCD Display
AUO G150XTN06.0 LCD Display

The AUO G190EAN01.2 is a 19.0-inch LCD show manufactured by AU Optronics (AUO). Listed below are the important thing specs and options of the G190EAN01.2 LCD show:

  • LCD Model: AUO (AU Optronics)
  • Mannequin: G190EAN01.2
  • Diagonal Dimension: 19.0 inches
  • Show Sort: a-Si TFT-LCD (Skinny-Movie Transistor Liquid Crystal Show)
  • Pixel Format: 1280(LCR)×1024 (SXGA decision)
  • Configuration: LCR Vertical Stripe
  • Lively Space: 376.32(H)×301.056(V) mm
  • Define Dimensions: 396(H)×324(V)×17.5(D) mm
  • Bezel Space: 380.32(H)×305.06(V) mm
  • Remedy: Antiglare floor to scale back reflections
  • Luminance: 1300 cd/m² (Typical), indicating the brightness of the show
  • Distinction Ratio: 1000:1 (Typical) (TM), representing the distinction between the brightest and darkest components of the show
  • Response Time: 13 ms (Typical) for rise time (Tr) and 12 ms (Typical) for fall time (Td)
  • Viewing Angle: 89° (left and proper), 89° (up), and 89° (down) with respect to the middle (Typical), for a distinction ratio larger than or equal to 10.
  • Working Mode: AHVA (Superior Hyper-Viewing Angle), Usually Black, Transmissive, indicating the kind of LCD expertise used and the show mode.
  • Gentle Supply: WLED (White Gentle Emitting Diode) with a lifespan of fifty,000 hours, which gives the backlight for the LCD, together with an LED driver.
  • Weight: 1.55 kg (Typical), making it light-weight and appropriate for moveable purposes.
  • Designed For Medical Imaging: The show is particularly designed for medical imaging purposes, the place high-quality and correct visualization is essential.
  • Body Charge: 60Hz, specifying the variety of frames displayed per second.
  • Contact Panel: With out contact panel performance.
  • Interface Sort: 30 pins LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) with 2 channels and 8-bit coloration depth, utilizing a connector for interface communication.
  • Energy Provide: 5.0V (Typical), specifying the voltage required for operation.

The G190EAN01.2 LCD show is optimized for medical imaging purposes, providing excessive brightness, glorious distinction ratio, and huge viewing angles. Its AHVA expertise ensures correct and clear visualization from numerous viewing positions.