Bluetooth balancing car design based on Renesas RA2E1 MCU chip

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Bluetooth balancing car design based on Renesas RA2E1 MCU chip

Posted Date: 2024-01-19

This project is sponsored byRenesas RA2E1 MCU chipAs the main control, it is equipped with a Bluetooth balancing car composed of a power module, MPU6050 module, ultrasonic module, OLED module, Bluetooth module, motor module, etc. The car has three operating modes: balance mode, following mode and obstacle avoidance mode. The project is implemented as follows:

Control the operating mode of the balancing car via Bluetooth

Detection of picking up, putting down, and tilting the car (controlling whether the car is running)

Can be debugged with the host computer through Type-C data cable

NRF24L01, infrared interface and multi-channel power interface are reserved for expansion and development.

Project function demonstration


01Hardware introduction

1. Actual picture of the balancing car

2. RA2 small board

Since the development board is not easy to connect to the base board, I made a small board by myself.

RA2 small board schematic:

RA2 small board physical picture:

3. RA balance trolley bottom plate

4. Balanced car base plate serial port module

5. Power module: LM2596S DC-DC step-down power module

6. MPU6050 module: MPU-6050 module three-axis acceleration + three-axis gyroscope

7. OLED module: 0.96-inch OLED display LCD module

(Pay attention to distinguish the VCC and GND pin order, the picture below is incorrect)

8. Motor drive module: TB6612FNG motor drive module

9. Bluetooth module: Bluetooth 3.0 module SPP transparent transmission compatible with HC-05/06 slave JDY-31


02System introduction

The Renesas RA balancing car system framework is as follows:

power supply:Two strings of batteries generate 7.2V, which are input to the power module to generate 5V, and then generate 3.3V through the LDO.

Balanced mode:The attitude of the car is detected through the MPU6050, and the RA MCU controls the motor drive module to control the motor operation and display it on the OLED.

Follow mode:The car detects the distance through the ultrasonic module and starts tracking within a certain distance.

Obstacle avoidance mode:The car goes straight and uses the ultrasonic module to determine whether there are obstacles ahead. If it encounters obstacles, it will turn.

Bluetooth:The mobile phone controls the operating mode of the car by linking with the Bluetooth module, and can also control the car.

Balance car falling detection:When the car falls down (reaches a certain angle), stop the motor

Pick up the balancing car and check:When the car is picked up (the wheels rotate at high speed for a certain period of time), stop the motor

Balance car lowering detection:When the car is put down again for a certain period of time (the wheels do not rotate and the angle is less than a certain range), it re-enters the balance mode.

Review editor: Tang Zihong
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