BOE successfully completed its 120 million AMOLED shipment target

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BOE successfully completed its 120 million AMOLED shipment target

Posted Date: 2024-01-20

BOE has achieved remarkable results in the field of flexible AMOLED, established large-scale production capacity, and cooperated closely with global mainstream brands

BOE recently announced that after years of layout and efforts in the field of flexible AMOLED, the company has established large-scale production capacity and technological advantages. According to data released by BOE, as of the first three quarters of 2023, the company's flexible AMOLED shipments have exceeded 80 million pieces.

As the demand for terminal brands continues to rise, the demand for flexible AMOLED is expected to maintain a growth trend, and the company's full-year shipment target of 120 million units is steadily being achieved.

In April last year, BOE Chairman Chen Yanshun set a shipment target of 120 million AMOLED units. Remarkably, in late October last year, the company announced that it had achieved the offline production of 100 million AMOLEDs, achieving the set goal ahead of schedule.

BOE’s success in the field of flexible AMOLED is no accident. The company has been investing heavily in this field and currently has four AMOLED production lines in Ordos, Mianyang, Chengdu and Chongqing. These production lines mainly cover the 5.5th and 6th generation production lines. Different generations of production lines correspond to different panel sizes. The investment in the 6th generation line is as high as 46.5 billion yuan.

As the world's largest AMOLED panel manufacturer, BOE is the only company in the world that has both 5.5th-generation and 6th-generation AMOLED production lines. This unique position gives the company significant advantages and influence in the flexible AMOLED field.

Review Editor: Huang Fei

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