Bringing refreshing performance improvements to edge computing

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Bringing refreshing performance improvements to edge computing

Posted Date: 2024-01-12

congatec COM-HPC Client module is equipped with the latest LGA1700 Intel Core processor

Provide excellent performance

2024/01/10 Shanghai, China* * * Germany's congatec, a leading supplier of embedded and edge computing technology, announced the launch of four high-end COM-HPC computer modules based on the 14th generation Intel Core processors (codenamed Raptor Lake-S Refresh). These modules extend existing conga-HPC/cRLS computer modules and set new records in industrial workstations and edge computing. Thanks to improvements in Intel's production quality, the CPU frequency has been increased, improving the performance of the entire series of products. The module based on the Intel Core i7-14700 processor has 4 additional E cores than the Intel Core i7-13700E, and now has a total of 20 cores, further improving performance. Another new feature is increased USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 bandwidth, with transfer speeds up to 20 Gigabits per second.

Jürgen Jungbauer, Senior Product Line Manager at congatec, explains: “The new conga-HPC/cRLS computer-on-module is one of the highest performance levels in COM-HPC Client Size C, and the chipset can be used with existing modules based on Raptor Lake-S Compatible. This means that existing designs can be seamlessly switched and equipped with more powerful performance. We also provide the best thermal solutions so that developers can customize their own application systems."

COM-HPC Size C (120x160 mm) is targeted at applications requiring multi-core and multi-thread performance, large caches, ultra-large memory capacity, high bandwidth and advanced I/O technologies, such as those based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) ) and other applications with higher performance requirements. In addition, for embedded and edge computing applications that require workload integration, congatec has adapted real-time virtualization technology (Hypervisor) in the module firmware in advance. Target markets for the new module include mainly industrial automation and medical technology as well as edge and network infrastructure applications. Thanks to the compute core improvements of this performance hybrid architecture, up to 8 P-cores and 16 E-cores are currently available.

The new COM-HPC Size C specification conga-HPC/cRLS computer module provides the following configurations. All Intel Core 14xxx series are newly added versions.

Processor Cores/
Max. Turbo
Freq. (GHz)

Base Freq. (GHz)
Threads GPU Execution Units CPU Base Power (W) Intel Core i9-14900 24 (8+16) 5.8 / 4.3 2.0 / 1.5 32 32 65 Intel Core i7-14700 20
(8+12) 5.4 / 4.2 2.1 / 1.5 28 32 65 Intel Core i5-14400 10 (6+4) 4.7 / 3.5 2.5 / 1.8 16 24 65 Intel Core i3-14100 4 (4+0) 4.7 / - 3.5 / - 8 24 60 Intel Core
i9-13900E 24 (8+16) 5.2 / 4.0 1.8 / 1.3 32 32 65 Intel Core i7-13700E 16 (8+8) 5.1 / 3.9 1.9 / 1.3 24 32 65 Intel Core i5-13400E 10 (6+4) 4.6 / 3.3 2.4 / 1.5 16 24 65 Intel Core i3-13100E 4 (4+0) 4.4 / - 3.3 / - 8 24 65

Application engineers can deploy the new COM-HPC computer module on congatec's Micro-ATX application carrier board (conga HPC/uATX). Designed specifically for the COM-HPC Client module, this carrier board immediately combines the benefits and enhancements of the new module with ultra-fast PCIe Gen5 connectivity.

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