CCTV awards!From nanometers to hundreds of meters, “Specialized, Specialized and New·Expert of the Year” falls in Zhongtu Instruments

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CCTV awards!From nanometers to hundreds of meters, “Specialized, Specialized and New·Expert of the Year” falls in Zhongtu Instruments

Posted Date: 2024-01-31

On the evening of January 29, the "Innovation Leads New Industrialization 2023 Specialized, Special and New·Manufacturing Power Annual Ceremony" created by China Central Radio and Television was broadcast on CCTV2. Shenzhen Zhongtu Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter) Mr. Ma Junjie (referred to as "China Instruments") won the "Specialized, Special and New·Expert of the Year" award.

This grand ceremony is the finale of the large-scale integrated media activities of CCTV Financial Channel's "Specialization, Specialty and Innovation·Manufacturing Power". It is reported that since its launch in July last year, the CCTV Financial Program Center has traveled to 28 cities in 5 provinces and visited more than 400 companies, with the themes of "Specialization, Specialty, Innovation, Unique Skills" and "Specialization, Specialization, Innovation, Experts" as the theme , a total of hundreds of typical case reports have been released.alreadyOn the evening of December 6, 2023, China Picture Instruments appeared on the CCTV Financial Channel as part of the economic information network program "Specialized, Special, New and Expert" series.

Small company with big layout, 18 years of fully independent hard-core technology development

The subdivision area in which Zhongtu Instruments operates is the geometric measurement industry. Geometric quantities are quantities that describe geometric characteristics such as size, shape, and position of objects. They are the basic objects of modern industrial quality control and scientific research. Therefore, the geometric quantity measuring instruments and equipment used for such measurements are extremely versatile and of various types. Almost throughout the upstream and downstream of all physical industry chains. However, the technical difficulty in developing related instruments is huge, and customers are loyal to the brand. For a long time, the domestic high-end market has been basically occupied by manufacturers in Europe, the United States, and Japan.

The founder of the company, Ma Junjie, graduated from Tsinghua University majoring in precision instruments and worked for a long time at the Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and Quality Inspection. At that time, after discovering that all the precision instruments in the laboratory of the institute came from abroad, he came up with the idea of ​​​​starting a business to make domestic geometric measuring instruments. Substituting imports naturally became the DNA of Zhongtu Instruments. This has always been the case for the past 20 years.

"We have made many types of instrument products in the past 18 years, but the most successful one should be called 'Persistence and Faith'. Precision dimensional measuring instruments can be said to be 'industrial rulers and scientific eyes', and their application range is particularly wide. To a certain extent, it determines the height of manufacturing and the depth of scientific research.

There are more than 20 classic instruments in this segment. The optical, mechanical, electrical, software and other technologies and processes involved are very difficult, and the required capital investment is also very large. The domestic high-end market is basically monopolized by foreign manufacturers. In aviation and This is especially true in fields such as semiconductors. We have always hoped to change this backward situation. But for a small and medium-sized private enterprise, it is basically a fantasy to develop so many kinds of instruments, because even the international giants in the industry quickly expand their territory through mergers and acquisitions."

Even so, with a strong sense of mission to replace imports, Zhongtu Instruments still chose the most difficult path -From nanometers to hundreds of meters, fully independent research and development. This has also put Zhongtu Instruments, a private enterprise, into financial difficulties repeatedly. Ma Junjie once said that since its establishment 18 years ago, the R&D expense rate of China National Instruments has exceeded 30% in most years. Most of the time, the company actually "tightened its belt to do R&D" until the company was rated as a professional in 2021. After Jingte became a new little giant, it completely opened up funding channels and began to develop comprehensively.

"China Instruments is a company that advocates a sharing culture. It has carried out equity incentives several times in history and has continuously attracted outstanding talents to join. Therefore, employees have a pragmatic and striving spirit. Since its establishment in 2005, in the face of tight funds, Under the circumstances, about fifteen kinds of precision instruments have been developed. The most difficult laser tracker took 6 years to develop. I even wanted to give up many times due to financial problems, but everyone persisted in the end. Therefore, this award does not only belong to me. , and belong to the team members of China Graphics Instruments who have worked hard on the front line for 18 years. The real experts are the backbone of the company who continue to work hard." Ma Junjie said.

From nanometers to hundreds of meters, high-intensity research and development makes up for the shortcomings of domestic precision measurement

The boat has passed the Ten Thousand Mountains.

Up to now, Zhongtu Instruments has successfully developed 15 key instruments. While competing with foreign friends on the same stage, it has significantly reduced customers' procurement costs, forming a unique situation of "a small company with a large layout, fully benchmarking against international giants" , gradually gained praise from customers and recognition from the industry.

In the field of nanomicroscopic measurement,Based on the accumulation of technologies such as nano transmission and scanning technology, white light interference and high-precision 3D reconstruction technology, and confocal measurement, China Graphics Instruments has participated in the research work of a number of major national scientific research projects and successfully passed the acceptance inspection, launching the white light product with independent intellectual property rights. Interferometers (Z-direction resolution up to 0.1 nanometers) and confocal microscopes are widely used in semiconductors, 3C electronics, university scientific research and other industries, breaking the monopoly of foreign products.

In the regular size segment,The company's star product thread machine (a major R&D project of the Ministry of Science and Technology) took the lead in completing the breakthrough of domestic thread measuring instruments from 0 to 1. "After our thread machine came out, the price of foreign companies in Europe was forced to drop by 40% to 50%. In the past, domestic metrology institutions could not afford it, but now it has become a standard equipment for metrology and military enterprise metrology stations. The new thread detection method become popularized".

Finally, in the large size segment,As the leading research unit of the "Major R&D Plan" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China National Instruments took six years to launch the "Crown Pearl of Industrial Measurement" with independent intellectual property rights and reached the international advanced level - the laser tracker. It fills the domestic gap and breaks the deadlock in which key process links such as aircraft manufacturing can only rely on "foreign instruments".

"Today, we have about 20,000 (sets) of instruments running on clients, not only occupying part of the domestic market, but also sold to more than 30 countries around the world. Our thread machines have even been delivered to the National Institute of Metrology in Thailand and South Africa. , became their traceability benchmark.

In the micro-size segment, our white-light interferometers and confocal microscopes can compete with those of our American and Japanese counterparts, and are currently used by Tsinghua University, Silan Microelectronics and other customer groups; in the intermediate-size segment, our three-dimensional coordinate and imagers It has been widely used in the 3C industry, and CMM has realized the national production of four core components; in the large-size segment, the laser tracker we developed over a period of 6 years was the first to be mass-produced in China and has been able to compete with International friends from the United States and Europe are competing on the same stage, and we have also gained important customers such as Chengdu Aircraft and COMAC."

"I firmly believe that China's geometric measuring instruments will win the trust of the global scientific and manufacturing industries! I am very grateful to the China Graphics team for going through these arduous 18 years together. The ultimate goal of the team and I is to adhere to the full-scale chain strategy and do a good job "The ruler of industry and the eye of science' have created a Chinese instrument company with international influence," said Ma Junjie.

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