CES2024丨New domestic storage forces make their debut at the 2024 CES show, and the KOWIN Kangying brand goes overseas

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CES2024丨New domestic storage forces make their debut at the 2024 CES show, and the KOWIN Kangying brand goes overseas

Posted Date: 2024-01-16

From January 9th to 12th, more than 4,000 exhibitors gathered at the 2024 International Consumer Electronics Show. Among them, Kangying Semiconductor debuted at CES with its B-side and C-side all-star product line products, covering eMMC, eMCP, ePOP, nMCP, UFS, MRAM, SPI NAND, LPDDR, DDR, SSD, PSSD, Memory Card, memory stick etc., covering a complete range of storage products.

The C-end storage products brought by Kangying Semiconductor are mainly aimed at young consumer groups, including TF flash memory cards, SD flash memory cards and CF speed cards, DDR4/DDR5 memory sticks, SSD and portable PSSD, focusing on high performance, low power consumption, Safe, reliable, stable and durable. The outer packaging of the products adopts colorful, youthful and gorgeous designs, which are eye-catching and show the vitality of youthful fashion, breakthrough and innovation on the booth. The LTE100 on the booth is an extremely fast CF card, with a speed level reaching the PCIe 3.0 level, a maximum speed of 920MB/s, and a capacity of 256GB and 512GB. The LCB100, another CF speed card aimed at high-end photography consumption, has a maximum speed of 1600MB/s. Moreover, it is waterproof, dustproof, anti-magnetic, anti-radiation, anti-shock, anti-fall, and resistant to high and low temperatures, helping photographers have a smooth video shooting and storage experience both outdoors and indoors. It can be widely adapted to high-end camcorders, SLR cameras, drones, sports DVs, game consoles and other smart devices, providing diverse storage support.

This is Kangying Semiconductor’s first appearance at CES. It is understood that Kangying Semiconductor’s B-end products and C-end storage products have received high recognition and love from industry customers and consumers as soon as they were unveiled. Many customers directly purchased them through the online mall at the scene. Place an order!

For the portable PSSD market, Kangying has brought CPS500 and LPS2000 with Type C interface. The former has a maximum read and write speed of 560MB/s and 350MB/s, and the latter has a maximum read and write speed of 2000MB/s and 1800MB/s. In terms of sturdiness and durability, Kangying has specially conducted repeated tests on resistance to falls, shocks, and dust, so that PSSD products can meet consumer needs for both performance and reliability.

In addition, Kangying also brought a display of a wide range of application scenarios for storage products such as embedded memory chips in the Internet of Things, industrial control, commercial display and other industries. The product series has a rich selection, high reliability and stable performance, including There are many types of industrial-grade embedded memory chip products such as eMMC, SPI NAND, LPDDR, etc., with multiple specifications and capacity options to meet the diversified data storage needs of industrial scenarios; moreover, the 64GB large-capacity eMMC can meet the needs of large amounts of data in Industry 5.0 scenarios. Highly complex storage requirements. It has brought excellent adaptive storage innovative solutions to the market storage needs of various industries. Currently, Kangying has nearly 200 customers in mass production and has formed strategic cooperation with leaders and well-known companies in many fields, such as Konka , Baidu, TCL, 360, Jinruixian, Jiulian, Changhong, etc. Moreover, in the fields of industrial control such as energy, rail transit, and power grids, Kangying's industrial-grade products are compatible with all mainstream platforms, such as Quanzhi, RK, Unisoc, TI, ST, NXP, Xilinx and other mainstream industrial platforms. It can provide customers with customized services and empower more new industries and applications.

This participation in the 2024 US CES exhibition is an important node for the Kangying Semiconductor brand to go overseas and has achieved a new breakthrough! The in-depth layout of Kangying Semiconductor's B-end and C-end brands has accelerated the internationalization of the brand and has made a significant contribution to the storage industry and consumer electronics industry! We look forward to the KOWIN Kangying brand going overseas in an all-round way!

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