Comtech FPGA chip application technology empowers terminal product development in downstream frontier fields

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Comtech FPGA chip application technology empowers terminal product development in downstream frontier fields

Posted Date: 2024-01-16

In recent years, the semiconductor market has been in a high boom cycle, and the continued chip shortage and price increases have brought huge development opportunities to related industries. Against this background, Comtech Technology has firmly grasped the trend of this industry, made full use of industry development opportunities, and achieved sustainable development results. It is understood that Comtech, as one of the few local authorized distributors of FPGA chip application technology, has been empowering the development of terminal products in downstream frontier fields.

WhatIs it an FPGA?

FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), that is, field programmable logic array, FPGA is a product further developed on the basis of programmable devices such as PAL, GAL, and CPLD. It is a semi-customized circuit in the field of application-specific integrated circuits. It not only solves the shortcomings of customized circuits, but also overcomes the shortcomings of the limited number of gate circuits of the original programmable devices. It is an innovative and revolutionary product technology in the history of chips.

At present, AI chips are mainly divided into CPU, GPU, FPGA and ASIC. In the order of CPU, GPU, FPGA and ASIC, the versatility gradually decreases, but the computing efficiency gradually increases. Compared with traditional chip ASICs, FPGA chips have an editable and reconfigurable chip structure. They are equipped with a rich number of input and output unit pins and flip-flops, which can realize the reconfiguration of chip functions. After using FPGA for programming, customers can directly launch prototypes and low-volume products to the market without waiting for the tape-out cycle. At the same time, they can quickly obtain market feedback through prototype products and reduce trial and error costs.

In addition, FPGA is one of the special circuits with the shortest development cycle and the lowest risk. Customers can obtain applicable core circuit systems without huge R&D investment. It is widely used in communications, industrial control, automotive electronics, data centers and other fields, helping customers quickly enter the market and take advantage of opportunities. Therefore, FPGA chips play an irreplaceable role in the electronics industry chain, and their application technology is relatively complex and difficult. As one of the few authorized distributors in China that masters FPGA chip application technology, Ketong Technology has strong competitiveness in this field.

FPGAWhy are chips irreplaceable in the electronics industry chain?

FPGA chips have product features such as strong design flexibility, strong editability, flexibly configurable IO (input/output ports), strong compatibility, and strong adaptability. They are the hardware foundation for front-end simulation in most digital chip designs and belong to semiconductor design. The core link of verification plays an irreplaceable role in the electronics industry chain.

Based on the above characteristics, combined with FPGA chip performance and customer design optimization, the effect of "customized chip" can be achieved. Designing/manufacturing an ASIC chip may cost tens of millions of dollars. The design-strip-packaging-testing process may take 1-2 years, and the ASIC may not be in line with the market at that time due to fluctuations in demand in the downstream market. Actual demand, trial and error costs are high. The use of FPGA solutions can greatly reduce trial and error costs before tape-out.

The following is a typical case of FPGA empowering innovative product design companies. For example, a well-known audio signal processing customer served by the company uses FPGA to quickly develop prototype products in the smart speaker microphone array processing market, jointly completes the design and debugging with several major domestic speaker manufacturers, and adjusts the number and arrangement of microphones based on customer feedback. and related parameter algorithm optimization, and then based on the FPGA version, ASIC tape-out was performed, gaining a dominant market share.

FPGA chips also have the characteristics of "universal chips" such as semi-customization and programmability. Therefore, FPGA chip design requirements are relatively strict and the threshold is high. It puts forward higher requirements for the application of FPGA chips, which invisibly improves industry standards. The entry threshold has increased the barriers to competition, giving Ketong Technology a relatively superior competitive advantage in the market competition.

What are the advantages of Ketong Technology?

On the one hand, as the design scale and FPGA capacity become larger and larger, related application design becomes more and more difficult. In order to better meet the diverse needs of customers, Ketong Technology has established a strong application design and R&D support team to help customers quickly realize the research and development of hardware products.

On the other hand, the application of FPGA chips in the terminal field is showing a diversified trend, and related application design is becoming more and more important. The application fields of FPGA have gradually expanded from the initial chip prototype design and communication equipment manufacturing fields to video surveillance, autonomous vehicle driving, communication 5G base stations, large-bandwidth optical switches, industrial machine vision, unmanned logistics and other fields. The application requirements of FPGA Showing an increasingly diverse trend. FPGA chips play an extremely important role in the development and creation of cutting-edge technologies in various industries. Comtech Technology focuses on FPGA chip application design to empower customers with innovative products and help customers maintain market competitiveness.

The electronic components distribution market is undergoing tremendous changes. The requirements for funds are getting higher and higher, the life cycle of products is getting shorter and shorter, orders are increasingly pursuing personalization and fragmentation, and are sensitive to price and high quality. Requirements are affecting the survival of distributors. Comtech Technology is also constantly improving its competitiveness and striving to become a leading company in the distribution industry.

Review Editor: Liu Qing

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