Core Fire Starts a Prairie Fire to Accelerate and Win-Win | Chipsea Technology’s Second PC Chip Application Development Exchange Day·Partner Acceleration Plan

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Core Fire Starts a Prairie Fire to Accelerate and Win-Win | Chipsea Technology’s Second PC Chip Application Development Exchange Day·Partner Acceleration Plan

Posted Date: 2024-01-12

On January 10, as the global PC industry competes for the C position of CES 2024 (International Consumer Electronics Show), Chipsea Technology (stock code: 688595) held the second PC Chip Application Development Technology Exchange Day and PC Partner The acceleration plan release ceremony was successfully held at the company's Shenzhen headquarters. This event attracted nearly 200 application development engineers from more than 80 upstream and downstream benchmark companies in the domestic and foreign PC industry, including Lenovo, Huaqin, Baolongda, and Sunwanda.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Yang Lining, Vice President of Chipsea Technology, warmly welcomed the engineer guests, explained in detail the Chipsea PC product ecological strategy, and officially released the Chipsea Technology PC Partner Acceleration Plan. The plan plans to work with the Intel Greater Bay Area Technology Innovation Center to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the PC industry to intelligence and high performance through a strong alliance and resource sharing strategy, and to formulate and standardize Chipsea EC with a unified technical language. design and development standards and processes. At the same time, while effectively improving customers' EC system development efficiency and reducing costs, it helps engineers broaden their technical horizons, gain value-added skills, and strengthen their professional competitiveness. It is reported that this event officially launched the "First Phase of Chipsea EC Engineer Certification". Subsequently, the event entered a wonderful development and exchange session.

Chipsea PC product development experience

The event was divided into three sub-venues: EC, PD, and BMS. Each venue conducted in-depth discussions around the technical features and application solutions of Chipsea's new generation of EC, PD, HUB, BMS and other products.

In the EC special session, Chipsea Technology brought two development explanations to the attending engineer guests: "From introduction to mass production, EC new product development quick guide and application solution introduction" and "Hello world", EC development and debugging practical operations and Frequently Asked Questions."

Zhu Xiaoqiang, Senior Application SE of Chipsea Technology, focused on the recent practical experience of customers from introduction to mass production of EC chip CSCE2010, and highlighted the product specifications, highlight applications and core functions of the product. This product is optimized and designed for the mainstream consumer notebook market. It has technical features such as "high performance, low power consumption, and high integration", and its product specifications have reached the industry-leading level. Ding Chao, senior FAE of Chipsea Technology, provided comprehensive technical support and answers on the technical details, development platform and application cases of CSCE2010. At the event site, engineers personally experienced the development and debugging of new Chipsea EC products. During the exchange, customers enthusiastically asked questions and responded enthusiastically. In order to better answer customer questions, the schedule management of the event even had to be postponed again and again. It is worth mentioning that the results of this EC development assessment will be included in the EC engineer pre-certification of the "PC Partner Acceleration Program". Subsequently participating engineers and their companies will benefit from it, and Chipsea will also be notified by email. Partners participating in the certification, please confirm relevant details. In the BMS and PD sub-venues, wonderful technical exchanges and ideological collisions were also held. Key products such as Chipsea Technology's new third-generation PD Controller product CS32G053, high-performance USB 3.1 Gen1 HUB chip CUB3141 and 2-4-section BMS chip CBM8580 have received widespread attention and active discussions among engineer guests in their respective fields.

The open and free event atmosphere made the participating engineer guests feel the fun and value of technology development, and also inspired their unlimited expectations for the acceleration plan.

PC series new product display In order to let the guests have a more intuitive understanding of Chipsea Technology's comprehensive layout and latest achievements in the PC field, the company specially arranged a digital exhibition hall visit and product experience session. During the visit to the digital exhibition hall, the guests felt the numerous mass-produced models and technological achievements of Chipsea Technology in the fields of EC, PD, Hub, HapticPAD, BMS and other fields. These exhibits not only demonstrate the company's commercial success and innovation capabilities in the field of PC chips, but also reflect the company's unremitting pursuit of technological innovation and product quality. During the after-class exchange session, one of the participating engineers said: "The experience of Chiphai PC chip application development is very good, and it provides rich development resources and strong technical support. Through the activities, we have learned more about the Chiphai PC Partner Acceleration Program I am full of expectations for the future prospects and have more confidence in the innovative development of Chipsea EC. This is a fruitful experience and I look forward to more project cooperation opportunities in the future. I am also grateful to Chipsea for providing such a rare learning and communication platform."

Highlights of the event In addition to intense and fulfilling technical exchanges and product experiences, this event was also full of joy and fun. In order to allow the guests to exchange ideas and share experiences in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the company carefully prepared event draws and exquisite tea breaks. These meticulous cares made the guests feel the enthusiasm and professionalism of Chipsea Technology, and also added many highlights and wonderful moments to the event. As the event came to a successful conclusion, the guests attending the meeting expressed that they had gained a lot and still had unfinished business. They said that through this event, they not only gained an in-depth understanding of Chipsea Technology's latest technology and product layout in PC series chips, but also laid a solid foundation for subsequent application development. At the same time, they also look forward to Chipsea being able to continue to hold more similar events in the future to build a broader technology exchange platform for industry exchanges.

A core fire starts a prairie fire, accelerating a win-win situation. With the gradual implementation of Chipsea Technology's PC Partner Acceleration Plan, the company will continue to carry out more development exchange activities in East China, North China and other regions to provide development engineers with more valuable technical exchange and learning opportunities. In the future, Chipsea will continue to pay attention to PC industry dynamics and technological innovation trends, continue to launch more competitive products and solutions to meet customer needs, and work hand in hand with more partners to create a better future!
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