Dalian Dayoushang Group launches 3KW high-density power supply solution based on onsemi products

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Dalian Dayoushang Group launches 3KW high-density power supply solution based on onsemi products

Posted Date: 2024-01-17

Dalianda Holdings, a leading international semiconductor components distributor dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market, announced that its subsidiary Youshang has launched a 3KW high-density power supply solution based on onsemi NCP1681 and NCP4390 chips and SiC MOSFETs.

Figure 1 - Display board of Dalian Dayoushang’s 3KW high-density power supply solution based on onsemi products

At present, both the transformation of automobile electrification and the rapid development of emerging markets such as photovoltaics and energy storage have played a positive role in promoting sustainable development of society. Against this background, the industry's demand for more compact and efficient power supplies is increasing. To meet this demand, Dalian Dayou has launched a 3KW high-density power supply solution based on onsemi NCP1681 high-power totem pole PFC controller and NCP4390 LLC controller and SiC MOSFET to facilitate high-efficiency and small-size power supply design.

Figure 2 - Scenario application diagram of Dalian Dayoushang’s 3KW high-density power supply solution based on onsemi products

In order to reduce losses, this solution eliminates the input rectifier diode, uses a totem pole PFC circuit and 650V SiC MOSFET, and uses a controlled LLC converter design with synchronous rectification function on the secondary side. Among them, the PFC-level solution uses onsemi NCP1681 totem pole PFC controller, which can operate in continuous conduction mode (CCM) and critical conduction mode (CrM). In addition, NCP1681 has fast load transient compensation response, various protection functions and PFC-OK signal supply and post-stage power sequence control, which is very suitable for scenarios that require high efficiency, high power factor and high stability PFC.

Figure 3 - 3KW Totem Pole PFC and Secondary Side Regulated LLC Power Supply Using SiC MOSFETs

At the LLC level, S1 and S2 form a half-bridge. The resonant bridge consists of an inductor Lr, a capacitor Cr and a transformer. In the circuit, an NCP4390 controller is used to control six MOSFETs in the application. The primary-side MOSFET is driven directly by the electrically isolated dual half-bridge driver NCP51561. The isolation junction half-bridge driver NCP81705 drives a secondary-side MOSFET with a lower isolation voltage rating than the primary-side PFC device but with a higher operating switching frequency. NCP4390 is a current mode LLC controller that makes the dynamic response of LLC easier. When operating, the NCP4390 also significantly improves load regulation performance, which can compensate for sudden load changes without waiting for voltage changes and frequency response through a resonant circuit.

Figure 4 - Half-bridge LLC resonant converter with center-tapped half-bridge output stage

The SiC MOS device in this solution supports high-frequency PFC and uses an advanced totem pole bridgeless PFC controller and a high-frequency LLC stage with an operating frequency of up to 150KHz. It uses high-efficiency full-bridge synchronous rectification on the output stage to achieve high power density.

Figure 5-Block diagram of Dalian Dayoushang’s 3KW high-density power supply solution based on onsemi products

This solution has excellently completed the AC to DC power supply design. It uses a totem pole controller and a half-bridge resonant full-wave synchronous rectification output for efficient conversion. The power supply unit can accept input voltages from 80VAC to 240VAC and can provide 48V or 54V DC output. In addition, thanks to these advanced devices, the power density of this solution exceeds 40W/in3full load efficiency is 98.4%.

Core technical advantages:

• Adopts advanced totem pole controller NCP1681;
• Wide input voltage range;
• PFC controller with multi-mode operation: CCM or Multi-mode (CCM+CrM);
• LLC controller with multi-mode operation: PFM+PWM+SKIP mode or PFM+SKIP mode;
• Titanium grade power supply design solution;
• Low power protection, overload protection, thermal protection;
• Using current control mode has excellent load and line transient response and stable output under any conditions;
• Extremely low no-load consumption;
• This 3KW power supply unit accepts input voltages from 80VAC-240VAC and provides 48V or 54V DC output.

Plan specifications:

• Input voltage: 90VAC-265VAC;
• Output voltage: 48VDC/62.5A;
• Output power: 3KW;
• Power factor: greater than 0.98;
• Operating temperature: 0℃ to 40℃;
• Topology: PFC+LLC+SR;
• PCB size: 280mm×110mm×38mm;
• Efficiency: 96.5%, 230VAC.

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About Dalianda Holdings:

Dalianda Holdings is a leading international semiconductor component distributor* dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market. It is headquartered in Taipei (TSE: 3702). It owns Shiping, Pinjia, Quanding and Youshang, with approximately 5,000 employees and agents. There are more than 250 product suppliers and 78 distribution locations around the world. The revenue in 2022 will reach US$25.97 billion. Dalianda creates an industrial holding platform, focuses on international operation scale and localization flexibility, and has long-term deep penetration in the Asia-Pacific market. With the vision of "Industry First Choice. Access Benchmark", it fully implements the core values ​​of "Team, Integrity, Professionalism, Efficiency" , has won the "Outstanding International Brand Distributor Award" for 23 consecutive years. Facing new manufacturing trends, DLA strives to transform into a data-driven enterprise, build an online digital platform - "Dada.com", and advocate an intelligent logistics service (LaaS, Logistics as a Service) model to assist customers in jointly facing the Challenges to smart manufacturing. Starting from good intentions and using technology to build trust, Great Alliance hopes to build an ecosystem of great competition and cooperation with the industry "Labor Alliance", and "focus on customers, empower with technology, collaborate with the ecosystem, and create an era together" 16 The word mind method actively promotes digital transformation. (*Market ranking based on data released by Gartner in March 2023)

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