Design of indoor environment monitoring system based on Renesas RA6M5 MCU

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Design of indoor environment monitoring system based on Renesas RA6M5 MCU

Posted Date: 2024-01-19

1Project Description

Air pollution is getting more and more attention. People spend 80% of their time indoors. The quality of indoor air environment is closely related to people's health. This project aims to develop an indoor environment monitoring system to monitor indoor temperature, humidity, PM2.5, formaldehyde and other harmful gas concentrations, and provide real-time data display and alarm functions to ensure the health and safety of the indoor environment. Project features are as follows:

1. Multi-parameter monitoring: The system can simultaneously monitor indoor temperature, humidity, PM2.5, formaldehyde and other harmful gas concentrations, improving the monitoring range and accuracy.

2 Real-time data display: The system provides real-time data display function, so users can understand changes in the indoor environment at any time.

3. Alarm function: When the indoor environment is abnormal, the system will automatically send out an alarm prompt to remind the user to take timely measures.

4. Easy installation: The system adopts wireless connection method, no complicated wiring process is required, and the installation is simple and convenient.

5 Intelligent control: Users can remotely control the system through mobile APP or web page to achieve intelligent management and control.

6 Data analysis: The system can analyze historical data and provide detailed reports and trend charts to help users better understand indoor environmental conditions.

2System design and implementation

Transmit the data collected by each sensor module to Qiming RA6M5 for data processing and packaging, display the real-time collected data on the OLED screen, and monitor whether the data collected by each module is within a reasonable range. When the safety value is exceeded, according to different gradient ranges, Make the buzzer sound different tones for prompting. After the data grouping is completed, it communicates with the onboard ESP8266 and remotely transmits the collected data to the Blinker server via WiFi. You can access the blinker application on your mobile phone to view historical and currently monitored indoor environment data information.

The system block diagram is as follows:

3hardware module

The system as a whole is divided into four parts, namely:

Data collection: Each sensor senses and collects data

Data processing and transmission: Qiming RA6M5 (the most powerful brain), onboard ESP8266

Data display: 0.96-inch OLED screen, Blinker terminal display

Alarm prompt: buzzer.

The sensor module includes temperature and humidity collection SH30, particulate matter concentration monitoring PMS1003, carbon dioxide concentration monitoring MH-Z19B, and formaldehyde concentration monitoring DS-HCHO. The specific performance of each module is not listed one by one (Taobao and Baidu are very detailed). Here are a few pictures. Figure schematically.

SH30 temperature and humidity module:

DS-HCHO formaldehyde sensor:

PMS1003 particulate matter concentration monitoring module:

MH-Z19B carbon dioxide concentration monitoring module:

4System implementation

The original article provides the project source code, you can click on the end of the articleRead the original articleJump to get. Below is a brief analysis of several modules:

1void hal_entry (void) function This is the original interface entered by the system. The implementation method is serial mode. The system is initially initialized, LED, buttons, serial port printing, serial port communication, temperature sensor, CO2, air quality sensor, OLED, HCHO, Beep , and then enter the while loop to call the data reading interface of each module in sequence.

The 2CO2 module implements the data reading and verification function according to the data CO2 data user manual.

3. The temperature sensor completes the data acquisition and reading function according to the sht30 temperature module data manual.

4 Air quality sensor The PMS1003 air quality sensor used here can collect PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 and other particulate matter concentrations, and can be adjusted according to project needs.

5HCHOHCHO formaldehyde concentration sensor. This module currently used can collect a variety of toxic and harmful gases. According to the data manual, it implements collection verification and distinguishes gas types.

6RA6M5 communicates with ESP8266 through serial port callback to realize the communication and transmission function of RA6M5 and ESP8266 data.

5Project effect display

Terminal display screen (click on the picture to view a larger image):

Board screen:

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