Dimensity 9300 ranks first in both lists

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Dimensity 9300 ranks first in both lists

Posted Date: 2024-01-20

In the latest Zurich AI Benchmark terminal AI performance list, a chip has shown extraordinary strength and occupied the top three places on the list. It is Dimensity 9300. The three mobile phones OPPO Find X7, vivo X100 Pro and vivo X100 equipped with this flagship chip have shown impressive results and become the leader in AI performance.

These three mobile phones have achieved excellent results in AI benchmark tests with the powerful AI performance of Dimensity 9300. OPPO Find X7 even takes the lead in AI performance, with a total score of 3423 points, nearly 100 points higher than other competing terminals, demonstrating its excellent performance.

The outstanding performance of Dimensity 9300 is not limited to a single terminal. It also ranks first in the chip AI performance list, showing strong AI computing power and generative AI capabilities. This enabled Dimensity 9300 to successfully achieve double crowns in the mobile terminal AI performance list and chip AI performance list, winning the title of "the strongest AI in mobile phones".

Dimensity 9300 is equipped with MediaTek’s seventh-generation AI processor APU 790, which has doubled its integer and floating-point computing capabilities. At the same time, its power consumption is 45% lower than the previous generation. This excellent performance makes AP790 one of the most powerful AI processors on the market.

APU 790 also has a built-in hardware-level generative AI engine. This powerful engine can accelerate operators for the Transformer model, thereby achieving a speed of generating images per second. This technological breakthrough enables the processing speed of Dimensity 9300 to reach 8 times that of the previous generation.

In addition, Dimensity 9300 also supports running AI large language models with various parameters. Whether the terminal is running a model with 1 billion, 7 billion, 13 billion or up to 33 billion parameters, Dimensity 9300 can easily handle it. Under the large language model with 7 billion parameters, the AI ​​generation speed of Dimensity 9300 reaches 20 tokens per second. This feature makes Dimensity 9300 perform well when handling large-scale models.

In addition, Dimensity 9300 also supports multi-modal generative AI models. This means that users can enjoy rich generative AI experiences such as "Wen Shengwen", "Wen Shengtu" and "Tu Shengtu" on the device side. This feature provides users with more diverse usage scenarios and more efficient workflows. Through the support of multi-modal generative AI models, Dimensity 9300 brings a more intelligent experience to users.

Review Editor: Huang Fei

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