Domestic three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine | Zhongtu Instruments is fully independently developed to achieve high-precision three-dimensional dimensional measurement

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Domestic three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine | Zhongtu Instruments is fully independently developed to achieve high-precision three-dimensional dimensional measurement

Posted Date: 2024-02-02

Coordinate measuring machines are widely used in industrial production, not only to improve production efficiency, but also to ensure the stability of product quality.

Introduction to basic principles and functions

A three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine is a precision measuring instrument based on a three-dimensional coordinate system that can accurately measure the size, shape and position of objects. The basic principle is to use sensors to measure the coordinate values ​​of the measured object in three directions, and then calculate the geometric characteristics of the object. The main functions are as follows:

1. Measurement and inspection

The three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine can use different measurement methods, such as point measurement, scanning, etc., to quickly and accurately measure the size and shape of manufactured parts, and to check whether their quality meets the requirements.

2. Precision control

In industrial production, through the measurement results of the three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine, deviations and problems in the manufacturing process can be discovered in time and adjusted in time to ensure the quality stability of the product.

3. Process optimization

The measurement and analysis of key components by a three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine can help companies discover potential process defects and make corresponding improvements and optimizations to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

In practical applications, coordinate measuring machines cover many industries. like:

  1. Car manufacturer

Coordinate measuring machines measure the size and shape of automotive parts to ensure their consistency with design requirements.

For example, in engine manufacturing, through measurement and analysis of the cylinder block, parameters such as the diameter and roundness of the cylinder bore can be detected, and the production process can be adjusted in a timely manner to improve the performance and reliability of the engine.

2. Aerospace

Coordinate measuring machines measure the shape, position and clearance of aircraft parts to ensure the accuracy and quality of their assembly.

For example, when assembling an aircraft wing, using a three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine to accurately measure the wing and optimize the assembly process can effectively improve the assembly accuracy and ultimately improve the flight performance and safety of the aircraft.

3. Electronic manufacturing

Coordinate measuring machines are used to measure the size and flatness of circuit boards. It can detect deviations and defects in circuit boards to ensure the performance and reliability of electronic products. At the same time, it can also be used to detect parameters such as pin spacing and pad shape of electronic components to ensure the quality of electronic products.

4. Plastic products

The coordinate measuring machine can measure the size and shape of plastic products to ensure their consistency with design requirements.

For example, during the injection molding process, the deviation and wear of the mold are detected to optimize the injection molding process and improve the quality and production efficiency of the finished product.

Detailed explanation of working process

As a measuring equipment based on coordinate axes, the three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine's working process can be divided into three steps:

1. Preparation

Preparing the object to be measured and the measuring machine includes placing the object to be measured on the workbench of the measuring machine and performing tool clamping and other operations to ensure the accuracy of measurement.

2. Measurement operation

Through the measuring head and probe on the measuring machine, the size and shape of the object can be measured. The probe's contact sensing technology can accurately measure the surface data of the object, and the measuring machine's control software can display the measurement results in real time.

3. Data analysis

Export measured data to computer files or interact with other devices. Through data analysis software, measurement results can be analyzed and compared to evaluate product quality and performance.

Advantages of domestic three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines

The localization of three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines is of great significance. First of all, in terms of price, domestic three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines are more price competitive than imported three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines, which reduces the cost pressure of enterprises; secondly, in terms of technical strength, my country's manufacturing industry is in the stage of transformation and upgrading.Domestic CMMs continue to innovate and improve, improve the adaptability and flexibility of equipment, and have the ability to meet the needs of different industries.

Zhongtu Instruments adopts independently developed design and measurement systems to provide stable and high-precision performance of three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines. Combined with diversified configurations, it can meet different measurement needs.

1. Stability and high-precision measurement

The three axes all use granite guide rails with low thermal expansion coefficient. The machine has good temperature adaptability and resistance to aging deformation.

The encircling air-floating layout has good rigidity. The machine can maintain stable operation for a long time and has high operating accuracy.

The key components are cast in one piece, with a compact structure and faster and more stable operation.

2. Fully independently developed controller, probe and base, and software

Power DMIS measurement software

Power DMIS measurement software is a three-coordinate measurement and analysis software independently developed by China Graphics Instruments. It has independent and controllable core technology. The software supports DMIS and I++ standard protocols and has passed the German PTB certification.

main feature:

(1) The interface is simple, friendly and highly interactive. Each functional module is easy to identify and understand, and users can get started quickly;

(2) The machine model library, probe system, I++ plug-in, and DMIS conversion function greatly improve the compatibility and adaptability of the software and enrich various application scenarios;

(3) The summary program mode eliminates lengthy DMIS code display, greatly reducing the requirements for user programming skills, and the parameterized view interactive function realizes that what is set is what is measured;

(4) The creation element provides a variety of measurement and construction methods, and users can set them as needed, which not only adds measurement application scenarios, but also quickly sets the view display through rich view tools;

(5) Provide path display and collision detection, which facilitates intuitive viewing of the equipment movement path and ensures safe and efficient measurement;

(6) The data center provides a variety of data management functions, which can realize localized management of data and can also import databases according to customer needs. It is suitable for various enterprises and industries.

When choosing an appropriate measurement method, the characteristics and advantages of different measurement equipment need to be considered comprehensively. Whether it is working process, measurement accuracy, or application field, coordinate measuring machines have shown strong advantages and potential. At the same time, China Graphics Instruments’ domestic three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines are constantly catching up to provide users with measurement solutions.

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