Economical new EV charging cables suit Level 2 applications

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Economical new EV charging cables suit Level 2 applications

Posted Date: 2024-01-27

Transtector has released a new line of EV charging cables. The cables are designed for the increasingly popular Level 2 charging application, employing the tried-and-true J1772 connector.

The company’s new cables deliver faster charging than Level 1 and offer an economical alternative to DC fast chargers. The new line of charging cables can accept 120VAC, 208VAC or 240VAC power. The AC rapid-charging cables are available in three versions based on charging rate: 32A, 40A or 48A.

The J1772 charging connector incorporates pins for transferring power and proximity sensing, ensuring that the EV can depart only when the charging cable has been safely disconnected. It is safe, dependable and user-friendly.

Combined with a J1772-to-NACS adapter, these cables can also be employed for charging EVs with NACS charging ports.

The new EV charging cables are 18′ long and have been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories. This UL listing makes them suited for use on UL-listed charging stations. The SAE J1772 charger connector adheres to standards set by the SAE.

“The demand is growing for our new EV charging cables, which are available in all the standard Level 2 charging rates,” said product line manager Dan Rebeck. “As a bonus, Transtector’s policies for same-day shipping and maintaining stock on our products means that you can get them fast when you need them the most.”

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