Empowering flagship smartphone main camera applications, SmartSite launches new 50-megapixel 1/1.28-inch image sensor

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Empowering flagship smartphone main camera applications, SmartSite launches new 50-megapixel 1/1.28-inch image sensor

Posted Date: 2024-01-24

2024Year1moon11Japan, Shanghai, China — SmartSite (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: SmartSing, stock code: 688213) launches its first new 50-megapixel 1/1.28-inch image sensor - SC580XS. This new product is an upgraded product built on the same process platform after SmartSite successfully mass-produced the first 50-megapixel 1/1.56-inch product SC550XS using the 22nm HKMG Stack process.As a 1.22µm pixel size image sensor, SC580XS is equipped with SmartSite's new generation pixel technology SFCPixel®-2 as well as PixGain HDR®, AllPix ADAF® and many other technologies and processes. It features high dynamic range, low noise, 100% full pixel focus, Ultra-low power consumption and other performance advantages bring excellent quality images to the main camera of flagship smartphones

Innovate and upgrade technology to create powerful and high-quality images
SC580XS relies on SmartSite's advanced SFCPixel®-2 technology and PixGain technology, combined with a combination of multiple high dynamic range (HDR) technologies, to bring high-definition images with exquisite image quality and rich light and dark details to smartphone cameras.

high dynamic range

SC580XS uses SmartSite PixGain HDR® technology, which effectively suppresses the formation of motion artifacts through high and low conversion gain image synthesis under the same frame exposure. In addition, SC580XS also supports multiple high dynamic range modes such as triple exposure HDR and PixGain HDR®+VS. The dynamic range can be as high as 120dB, and it can output images with rich details and true colors even in dark light scenes.

low noise

Based on SFCPixel®-2 and PixGain technology, SC580XS has a read noise (RN) as low as 0.7e-, and with the support of related multi-sampling technology (CMS), its CMS 4x noise reduction can reach 40%. Compared with products with the same specifications in the industry, SC580XS's read noise (RN) and fixed noise (FPN) are significantly reduced by about 33% and 32% respectively, and PRNU is slightly reduced by 4%, making the image quality more delicate.

In addition, in the four-in-one (summing) mode, the SC580XS has a single pixel size of 2.44µm, which can bring a 4K 120fps high frame rate video imaging experience to mobile phones.

Multiple fast focusing technologies make images clearer

In order to help smartphones achieve wonderful capture performance, SC580XS is equipped with SmartSite's unique AllPix ADAF® technology and Sparse PDAF technology to achieve better fast focusing effects in various lighting scenarios. In dark light scenes, the SC580XS turns on the AllPix ADAF® mode, which achieves 100% full-pixel focus through the combination of pixels in the horizontal and vertical directions, bringing faster and more accurate focusing effects to mobile phone cameras; in daily light scenes, the SC580XS switches to Sparse PDAF mode uses partial pixel phase detection for accurate focusing, which can significantly save the power consumption of the image sensor.

Ultra-low power consumption helps improve mobile phone battery life

Thanks to the newly upgraded read circuit architecture design and advanced 22nm HKMG process, SC580XS has excellent low-power performance. SC580XS supports hardware Remosaic function, and the power consumption is as low as 500mW (25fps frame rate) in 50MP Full Size mode. At the same time, the power consumption of SC580XS for shooting 12.5MP images and 4K images is as low as 190mW and 150mW respectively.

Based on PixGain HDR® high dynamic range mode, the power consumption of SC580XS when shooting 12.5MP images is only 465mW (AllPix ADAF® mode) and 310mW (Sparse PDAF mode), which helps to reduce the overall power consumption of smartphones and greatly extend the life of the smartphone. Maximum duration of continuous video recording.

Dr. Mo Yaowu, co-founder and chief technology officer of SmartwaySaid: "SC580XS is another 50-megapixel high-performance image sensor for flagship smartphone main cameras created by SmartSite after the release of SC550XS. This new product is based on the 22nm HKMG Stack process and has a 1/1.28-inch Optical size, using a number of SmartSite innovative technologies and processes such as SFCPixel®-2, PixGain HDR®, AllPix ADAF®, etc., and supporting four-in-one (summing) mode, taking into account high dynamic range, low noise, and 100% full-pixel focus , ultra-low power consumption and other performance advantages, it can output high-quality 50MP/12.5MP/4K and other format videos. In terms of data transmission, SC580XS is compatible with C-PHY/D-PHY interface protocol, with a maximum transmission rate of 3.5Gsps/trio , to meet the high frame rate and high-resolution image transmission requirements; at the same time, SC580XS supports the function of adjusting the maximum amplitude of MIPI transmission to cope with the noise and interference caused by the internal functional modules of the mobile phone and ensure the normal reception of data signals on the module side. SC580XS It will bring excellent imaging performance to flagship smartphone imaging systems and help further improve the quality of mobile images."

SC580XS is currently accepting samples and is expected to be mass-produced in Q1 2024. For more information about SC580XS products, please contact SmartSite sales personnel.

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