[EVB Introduction]Implementing 30W dual output power module based on onsemi NCP1239

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[EVB Introduction]Implementing 30W dual output power module based on onsemi NCP1239

Posted Date: 2024-01-14

1. Introduction

Standing on the stage of modern technology, energy is the heart of various technological products. Onsemi NCP1239 relies on advanced power management technologywhile maintaining excellent efficiency while providing powerful output, making product design more energy-saving, and products with batteries have better battery life.

onsemi NCP1239 integrates a variety of protection mechanisms, including over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, etc., providing comprehensive safety protection. NCP1239 not only supports a single output, but also provides a 12V and 5 V dual output design, which can assist product designers in flexible development and use. For example, in power control or motor control, the 12V output can be used by the Gate Driver, and the 5V part can be used. Provide PWM Controller, MCU, DSP, CAN PHY and other controllers and communication modules.

Overall, verySuitable for industrial conveyor belts, server power supplies, PC power supplies, vacuum cleaners, TVs and other productsthis comprehensive compatibility makes your system architecture simpler, saves design time, and ensures efficient power conversion.

2. Introduction to EVB

This EVB based on onsemi NCP1239BD65R2G has a rated power of 30W, can withstand 127~400V DC input voltage, and supports two sets of outputs (5V, 12V).

Since this development board does not have a bridge function, it must be equipped with an additional circuit structure. Please refer to the figure below.

The following table shows the test efficiency of NCP1239 EVB at 115V/60Hz input.

The following table shows the test efficiency of NCP1239 EVB at 230V/50Hz input.

3. Product features

In the previous chapter, you can see the actual measured data of EVB. Under the working condition of output current above 1A, the efficiency can reach more than 80%, and it can be maintained at about 83~85% at full load.

• Fixed frequency 65kHz or 100kHz current mode control operation

• Frequency foldback down to 26 kHz and skip mode

• Adjustable overpower protection (OPP) circuit

• High-voltage current source with undervoltage (BO) detection

• Internal slope compensation

• Frequency jitter in normal and frequency foldback modes

• 64ms timer-based short-circuit protection with automatic recovery or latched operation

• Pre-short-circuit ready

• Latched OVP on Vcc (NCP1239 A and B versions)

• Latching OVP/OTP inputs for improved robustness

• 35V Vcc operation, withstands high voltage input

• +500 mA/ -500 mA peak source/sink drive capability

• Internal thermal shutdown • Extremely low no-load standby power consumption

4. Reference materials

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