Feiling embedded RK3568 development board Bluetooth receiving and sending files test

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Feiling embedded RK3568 development board Bluetooth receiving and sending files test

Posted Date: 2024-02-03

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Feiling embedded OK3568-C development board has an onboard WiFi&BT module, the Bluetooth version is Bluetooth 5.0, and the rate is up to 3Mbps. In this article, the author will introduce to you how to test the Bluetooth receiving and sending files on the OK3568-C development board.

1. Bluetooth receiving files

Use the mobile phone as the sender and send the local picture files to the Feiling embedded OK3568-C development board. In this way, the onboard Bluetooth of OK3568-C can be tested for receiving files. First, you need to start Bluetooth through some instructions. The test steps are as follows:

(1) Bluetooth connection to mobile phone

Open the bluez Bluetooth tool:


Start the Bluetooth device:


Set to pairing mode:


Set to discoverable mode:


Start the agent:


Set the current proxy as default:


At this time, turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone to scan, and you can find the available device "BlueZ 5.50", as shown in the figure below. If it is not scanned for a long time, you can try to execute it again.

Then click "BlueZ 5.50" to pair, conduct password verification on the mobile phone and OK3568-C development board respectively, select "YES" and pair.

After the connection is successful, you can see "BlueZ 5.50" in the paired Bluetooth devices on your phone, as shown below:

The actual running instructions of the above operations in Feiling embedded OK3568-C development board are shown in the screenshot:

(2) Send files via mobile phone

After the mobile phone is successfully connected to the OK3568-C development board via Bluetooth, you can use the mobile phone to send files. You can use the picture sharing function in the mobile phone gallery software and select "Bluetooth Share" to send the picture to the OK3568-C development board. The actual test picture sending process is as follows:

(3) Reception results of OK3568-C development board

After the image transfer is completed, use the following command to make the OK3568-C development board exit bluetoothctl:


The files received by the development board through Bluetooth are located in the /root directory and can be viewed with the ls command.


As shown in the picture below, you can see that the OK3568-C development board has received a picture file in .jpg format:

You can also view the actual image through the image viewer:

2. Send files via Bluetooth

Next, we will send the files in the OK3568-C development board to the mobile phone via Bluetooth to test the Bluetooth file sending function of the development board. Tested here by sending an MP3 file.

(1) Test steps

First you need to execute a script in the development board


The specific content is:


Then let the OK3568-C development board connect to the Bluetooth address of the mobile phone. The instructions are as follows:


You can check the Bluetooth address of your phone in[Settings→About Phone→Status Information]on your phone:

Then use the following command to make the development board send files to the mobile phone


The screenshots of the actual test command line operations are as follows:

After the mobile phone receives the Bluetooth connection request from the OK3568-C development board, a reception confirmation interface will pop up first. Click[Accept]to receive the picture, as follows:

(2) Test results

After the mobile phone receives successfully, we can find this MP3 file in the received file list:

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