Feiteng Chief Scientist Dou Qiang won the title of “National Outstanding Engineer”

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Feiteng Chief Scientist Dou Qiang won the title of “National Outstanding Engineer”

Posted Date: 2024-01-21

Feiteng Chief Scientist Dou Qiang won the title of "National Outstanding Engineer"

On the morning of January 19, the first "National Engineer Award" commendation ceremony was held grandly in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. 81 individuals were awarded the title of “National Outstanding Engineer” and 50 teams were awarded the title of “National Outstanding Engineer Team”. Dr. Dou Qiang, chief scientist of China Electronics Information Industry Corporation, deputy director of the Science and Technology Commission, and chief scientist of Feiteng Information Technology Co., Ltd., was awarded the title of "National Outstanding Engineer" for his outstanding achievements in the scientific research of Feiteng series of domestically produced core chips.

As the chief designer of the Feitium series of CPUs, Dr. Dou Qiang presided over the development of more than ten Feitium CPU chips, led the team to break through a number of key core technologies, and promoted Feiteng CPUs from supercomputing application scenarios to multi-application scenarios in key industries. Leap-forward development has made systematic contributions to technological breakthroughs in the field of independent CPUs. Under the leadership of Dr. Dou Qiang, Feiteng has developed a full range of independent CPU products from end to cloud covering server, desktop and embedded fields. More than 7.5 million units have been deployed in large quantities in major national projects and key industries of the national economy, providing Digital China construction provides a solid computing power base.

Engineers are the innovative subjects that promote the development of engineering science and technology and are an important part of the country's strategic talent force. The Party Central Committee and the State Council decided to launch the "National Engineer Award" for the first time this year in order to commend advanced and set examples, build a team of outstanding engineers in the new era, strengthen the construction of national strategic talent, and encourage and mobilize engineers to forge ahead in the new era and make achievements in a new journey.

According to CCTV reports, the individual engineers and teams honored this time are outstanding representatives of the engineering team in the new era. In the construction of major projects, the manufacturing of major equipment, the research on "stuck neck" key core technologies, and the creation of major inventions, they have been determined to work hard for their country and are determined to pioneer and innovate. They have achieved a number of advanced engineering and technological achievements and continuously improved the country's independent innovation capabilities. It vividly embodies the lofty pursuit and precious spirit of the engineering community such as loving the party and serving the country, serving the people, being dedicated and rigorous, and being rigorous and conscientious.

The mountain is high and people are the peak. Be a climber in the "core era". All Feiteng people will follow the example of Dr. Dou Qiang, strive to be the first, work hard to tackle key problems, regard "strong foundation and strong chain" as the top priority of their work, strive to create the "source" of original technology, consolidate the computing power base of the advanced computing industry chain, and provide a solid foundation for the computing power of the advanced computing industry chain. Realize the beautiful vision of “serving society with Chinese chips” and work hard to help build a strong manufacturing and technological power!

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