First data on high-intensity XPG-4 leds

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First data on high-intensity XPG-4 leds

Posted Date: 2024-01-24

“A first in the XPG series, this version promises unparalleled candela and throw for the most demanding lighting needs,” according to component distributor Cutter Electronics, which will be stocking the parts – and pointed out that the charts included here all include preliminary data.

Leds without a primary lens emit ~10-20% less total light compared with those with a primary lens, but what they produce is emitted over a smaller effective area, increasing light/mm2 – hence Cree dubbing them ‘high intensity’.

The result is that, for a given diameter of secondary optics, lens-less leds allow the narrowest beams to be produced – they offer more ‘punch’ or ‘throw’ in colloquial terms.

There will be 90CRI XPG-4 HI leds (see top table), according to Cutter, but “the Pro9 version is not included in the current release information” – Pro9 is Cree’s very high colour-rendering index form which includes 95CRI variants.

Cutter Electronics is solid-state lighting component distributor based in Melbourne Australia which ships around the world.


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