Flash image measurement | Zhongtu Instruments intelligent image measuring instrument for high-precision and rapid batch inspection

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Flash image measurement | Zhongtu Instruments intelligent image measuring instrument for high-precision and rapid batch inspection

Posted Date: 2024-01-29

In the field of modern industrial manufacturing, rapid batch measurement of component dimensions can ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, optimize production processes, reduce costs, and enhance market competitiveness.

Through rapid batch measurement, unqualified parts are quickly detected, avoiding waste and delays in the production process, optimizing the production process and improving production efficiency.likeOn automated production lines, rapid batch measurement can monitor component dimensions in real time to ensure dimensional stability during the production process.This not only improves product quality but also reduces the cost of manual intervention and inspection.

Intelligent image measuring instruments are widely used in modern industrial measurement

Today's modern industrial measurement no longer relies on traditional manual measurement methods. As an emerging measurement technology, intelligent image measuring instrument solves the problem of batch measurement of parts with its characteristics of high efficiency, accuracy and speed.

1. Solve the measurement of complex structures and shapes

Through high-definition images and precise algorithms, intelligent image measuring instruments can quickly and accurately measure complex-shaped parts, whether they are curves, surfaces or edges, greatly improving measurement efficiency and accuracy.

2. Have the ability to measure in batches to meet the needs of mass production of parts and components

Traditional manual measurement methods often cannot meet the needs of mass production of parts. Intelligent image measuring instruments can not only automatically measure a large number of parts, but also connect the measurement results to the database to achieve digital management and data analysis, improving production efficiency and quality control levels.

3. Solve the non-contact and high-precision requirements in parts measurement

In some industrial fields, traditional contact measurement methods often cause damage to parts, or lead to inaccurate measurement results due to deformation of parts. The intelligent image measuring instrument uses a non-contact measurement method, which does not require direct contact with parts, and can ensure the integrity and accuracy of parts. At the same time, the high-resolution and high-precision measurement functions of the intelligent image measuring instrument can meet the accuracy requirements of parts measurement and provide reliable data support for industrial production.

Zhongtu Instruments integrates the key technologies of precision guide rails and image recognition grating segmentation. Through advanced measurement technology and intelligent solutions, it helps companies further improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce costs and enhance market competitiveness.

1. VX series flash tester, one-button measurement, fast size measurement in batches

The VX series flash tester combines a telecentric lens with a high-resolution industrial camera.One-click measurement of two-dimensional plane dimensions, or equipped with an optical non-contact probe to achieve precise and rapid measurement of height dimensions, flatness and other parameters.The measurement is fast and efficient, the results are accurate and consistent, and the operation is simple. The measurement process can be completed with just one click.

The instrument uses a bi-telecentric optical lens, which can measure up to 1024 features and up to 100 workpieces at one time.

2. MX3200 microscopic size measuring instrument, one-click measurement at submicron level

The MX3200 microscopic size measuring instrument combines microscopic imaging with traditional image measurement.It can realize large-scale measurement of tiny features and detect various precise microscopic two-dimensional size features.

3. Novator series fully automatic imager, flying photography, high-precision measurement

The Novator series of fully automatic imagers combine traditional image measurement and laser measurement and scanning technology.It can achieve precise measurements of surface dimensions, contours, angles and positions, geometric tolerances, 3D spatial topography and dimensional structures of various complex parts.

The flying shooting function changes the traditional operation mode and improves the measurement efficiency by 5 to 10 times: during the rapid movement of the platform, feature capture and measurement are quickly completed without waiting time.

Intelligent image measuring instruments play an important role in modern industrial measurement. Whether it is complex structures and shapes, mass production, non-contact or high-precision requirements, intelligent image measuring instruments can provide efficient, accurate and reliable measurement solutions.

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