found it! Guide to LED lighting solutions suitable for industrial environments!

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found it! Guide to LED lighting solutions suitable for industrial environments!

Posted Date: 2024-01-16

Author: Jeff Shepard

Lighting is a key element when designing safe, efficient and cost-effective industrial environments for a variety of operations including logistics, machine operations, control cabinets, workstations and production lines. In an increasing number of situations, LEDs provide excellent lighting solutions. Compared with traditional fluorescent lamps, metal halide, high-pressure sodium and other lighting technologies, LED lamps are more energy-efficient, reduce operating costs, and have a longer service life, reducing maintenance costs. Industrial luminaires are often used in challenging environments and, in addition to supporting occupational safety and health, may be required to provide intrusion protection and meet specified power quality levels. Balancing these different requirements can complicate the fixture selection process.

This article will review relevant performance metrics, including brightness (lumens), power (watts), efficacy, illuminance (lux), regional lumen distribution, correlated color temperature, color rendering index, rated service life, and costs associated with industrial lighting fixtures, with an emphasis on These indicators of LED. Next, the article details environmental considerations, including intrusion protection requirements, total harmonic distortion and power quality requirements, and lighting for hazardous environments. Finally, this article will look at specific solutions provided by Banner Engineering; these solutions can be used for electronic label picking systems, forklift guidance, and general lighting of workstations, machine lighting and control cabinets (Figure 1).

Figure 1: LED luminaires come in many forms and can be optimized for a wide range of applications. (Image source: Banner Engineering)

1. Performance indicators

Specifying illuminance is the basis for selecting the best luminaire for a specific application. There are many metrics to consider, from how efficiently the fixture operates to how well it mimics standard white light. The first is a single candle or candlelight (Cd). Cd is a basic SI unit that measures the luminous intensity of visible light emitted by a specific light source (a standard candle) in a specific direction. According to the concept of Cd, important indicators to consider when comparing lamps include:

. Lumens (lm)

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