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Fuji 1MBI300SA-120B IGBT Module

Fuji 1MBI300SA-120B IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-07-29
Fuji 1MBI300SA-120B IGBT Module
Fuji 1MBI300SA-120B IGBT Module
Fuji 1MBI300SA-120B IGBT Module

The Fuji 1MBI300SA-120B is a high-power IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module designed for demanding switching purposes. It incorporates a voltage ranking of 1200V and a present ranking of 300A. The module consists of six IGBTs organized in a three-phase bridge configuration, together with their respective freewheeling diodes.


  1. Excessive-Pace Switching: The module is able to quick switching, making it appropriate for high-frequency purposes.
  2. Voltage Drive: It may be managed by a voltage sign, permitting for straightforward and exact management.
  3. Low Inductance Module Construction: The module is designed with low inductance to scale back switching losses and enhance effectivity.


  1. Inverter for Motor Drive: The module can be utilized in motor drive inverters for controlling the velocity and course of motors.
  2. AC and DC Servo Drive Amplifier: It's appropriate for servo drive amplifiers utilized in exact management purposes.
  3. Uninterruptible Energy Provide (UPS): The module could be utilized in UPS programs to offer backup energy throughout mains energy interruptions.
  4. Industrial Machines, similar to Welding Machines: It's appropriate for industrial gear, together with welding machines, the place high-power switching is required.

Most Scores (at a case temperature of 25°C except in any other case specified):

  • Collector-Emitter Voltage (Vces): 1200V
  • Collector Present (Ic): 300A (most steady present)
  • Variety of Modules: 1 in a single package deal (single module)
  • Fuji Made: Signifies that the module is manufactured by Fuji Electrical.