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Fuji 2MBI75N-120 IGBT Module

Fuji 2MBI75N-120 IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-07-28
Fuji 2MBI75N-120 IGBT Module
Fuji 2MBI75N-120 IGBT Module
Fuji 2MBI75N-120 IGBT Module
Fuji 2MBI75N-120 IGBT Module

The 2MBI75N-120 is an IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module designed for numerous purposes in energy electronics and motor drives. It options high-speed switching and voltage drive, making it appropriate for purposes requiring environment friendly energy conversion.

Key Options:

  • Excessive-speed switching
  • Voltage drive
  • Low inductance module construction
  • Low VCE(sat) (Voltage throughout Collector and Emitter in saturation)
  • Compact package deal
  • P.C. board mount (Printed Circuit board mount)
  • Converter diode bridge
  • Dynamic brake circuit


  • Inverter for motor drive
  • AC and DC servo drive amplifier
  • Uninterruptible energy provide (UPS)

Most Rankings and Traits:

(Absolute most scores, Tc=25°C until in any other case specified)

  • Collector-Emitter voltage (Vces): 600V
  • Gate-Emitter voltage (VGES): ±20V
  • Collector present (Ic): 400A
  • Collector present (Icp) (pulse): 800A
  • Collector energy dissipation (Laptop): 1270W
  • Collector-Emitter voltage (VCES): 2500V
  • Working junction temperature (Tj): +150°C
  • Storage temperature (Tstg): -40 to +125°C

The 2MBI75N-120 is a 2-in-1 IGBT module with a voltage score of 1200 volts and a present score of 75 amps. It's generally utilized in industrial machines, reminiscent of welding machines, the place high-power switching and voltage management are required. The module’s compact package deal and low inductance module construction make it appropriate for numerous energy electronics purposes.