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FUJI 6RI75G-160 IGBT Module

FUJI 6RI75G-160 IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-08-17
FUJI 6RI75G-160 IGBT Module
FUJI 6RI75G-160 IGBT Module
FUJI 6RI75G-160 IGBT Module

The FUJI 6RI75G-160 is an influence semiconductor module designed for high-power industrial functions. Listed below are the important thing specs and options of this module:

Module Options:

  • Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) module.
  • Organized in a three-phase bridge configuration.
  • Every IGBT chip is rated for a collector present of 75A and collector-emitter voltage of 1600V.
  • Able to dealing with a most steady present of 450A and a most peak present of 1200A.

Constructed-In Safety Options:

  • Quick-circuit safety.
  • Overcurrent safety.
  • Thermal safety.

Producer Half Quantity: 6RI75G-160

Bundle Description: R-XUFM-X5

Pin Depend: 5

Producer: Fuji Electrical Co Ltd

Case Connection: Remoted

Configuration: Bridge, 6 Components

Diode Component Materials: Silicon

Diode Sort: Bridge Rectifier Diode

Ahead Voltage-Max (VF): 1.3 V

Non-rep Pk Ahead Present-Max: 1000 A

Variety of Components: 6

Variety of Phases: 3

Variety of Terminals: 5

Working Temperature-Max: 150 °C

Output Present-Max: 75 A

Bundle Form: Rectangular

Bundle Fashion: Flange Mount

Rep Pk Reverse Voltage-Max: 1600 V

Subcategory: Bridge Rectifier Diodes

Floor Mount: No

Terminal Place: Higher