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Fuji 7MBR150VR120 IGBT Module

Fuji 7MBR150VR120 IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-08-15
Fuji 7MBR150VR120 IGBT Module
Fuji 7MBR150VR120 IGBT Module
Fuji 7MBR150VR120 IGBT Module
Fuji 7MBR150VR120 IGBT Module
Fuji 7MBR150VR120 IGBT Module

The data you’ve offered describes the options, functions, and most scores of the Fuji 7MBR150VR120 IGBT module. Right here’s a breakdown of the important thing factors:


  1. Low VCE(sat): This refers back to the low saturation voltage drop throughout the collector-emitter terminals when the IGBT is in its conducting state. Decrease VCE(sat) results in decreased energy loss and elevated effectivity in energy digital functions.
  2. Compact Bundle: The module is available in a compact bundle, making it appropriate for functions the place area is a priority.
  3. P.C. Board Mount Module: The module is designed to be mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB), which simplifies the combination into digital techniques.
  4. Converter Diode Bridge Dynamic Brake Circuit: The module doubtless features a diode bridge and a dynamic brake circuit, which may very well be used for controlling motor drives and braking in sure functions.
  5. RoHS Compliant Product: The module complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, which restricts using sure hazardous supplies in electrical and digital merchandise.


  1. Inverter for Motor Drive: The module can be utilized in motor drive inverters to manage the pace and course of motors.
  2. AC and DC Servo Drive Amplifier: It may be utilized in servo drive amplifiers for exact management of positioning and pace in servo techniques.
  3. Uninterruptible Energy Provide: The module might discover use in uninterruptible energy provide (UPS) techniques to make sure steady energy supply throughout outages.

Most Rankings and Traits (at Tc=25°C until in any other case specified):

  • Collector-Emitter Voltage Vces: The utmost voltage the module can deal with between the collector and emitter terminals is 1200V.
  • Gate-Emitter Voltage VGES: The utmost voltage that may be utilized between the gate and emitter terminals is ±20V.
  • Collector Present Ic Steady Tc=100°C: The utmost steady collector present at a case temperature of 100°C is 150A.
  • Collector Present Icp 1ms Tc=80°C: The utmost collector present for a pulse width of 1ms and a case temperature of 80°C is 300A.
  • Collector Energy Dissipation Computer: The utmost energy that the module can dissipate is 520W.
  • Isolation Voltage VIsol (AC 1 minute): The module has an isolation voltage of 2500V for 1 minute, which is the utmost allowable voltage distinction between totally different electrical elements.
  • Working Junction Temperature Tj: The utmost junction (inside semiconductor) temperature for secure operation is +150°C.
  • Storage Temperature Tstg: The really useful storage temperature vary is between -40°C and +125°C.
  • Mounting M5 Screw Torque: The really useful torque for mounting the module utilizing an M5 screw is 3.5 * 3 N·m.