Fully compatible!Advantech officially becomes Kirin Software’s outstanding ecological partner

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Fully compatible!Advantech officially becomes Kirin Software’s outstanding ecological partner

Posted Date: 2024-02-01

In December 2023, Advantech officially joined the "Kylin Partner" program initiated by Kirin Software and became its highest-level outstanding ecological partner. The two parties will establish close ecological ties to jointly respond to complex customer needs and the challenges brought about by industrial transformation and upgrading. challenge.

As a global provider of industrial computers, Advantech has been actively building localized software and hardware solutions to follow the wave of localization. In the Xinchuang industry chain, Advantech, as a hardware-based manufacturer, combines with Kirin Software, which focuses on applications and services, to collaborate with upstream and downstream users to accelerate the construction of an industrial ecosystem.

At the same time, Kirin operating system has gradually integrated into the national network information industry development strategy, and its technical capabilities have continued to improve. It has achieved rapid growth in the total number of ecological adaptations, the total number of customers served, cumulative bids won, and operating income, giving full play to the underlying support and synergy of the operating system. effect.

As the cooperation deepens, Galaxy Kirin has multiple versions - including desktop operating system, server operating system, embedded operating system, etc.All have full compatibility with Advantech machines, industrial motherboards, industrial storage and remote management software.

Kirin embedded system advantages

1Multi-domain isolation

Based on the RUST language, the embedded real-time virtualization Hyper-visor is implemented, supporting device domain management, mixed deployment and communication of real-time city and non-real-time domain operating systems.

2industrial stability
Industrial-grade system stability, supporting 7x24 unattended operation of the operating system.

3Customized on demand
Minimized configuration based on hardware and application requirements, supporting flexible customization of operating system size from MB level to GB level.

4ubiquitous connection
Integrate mainstream industrial communication protocols and IoT protocols to achieve collaborative connection between cloud and edge.

Advantech’s localization solution advantages

Nationally produced materials
Safe and controllable, quality guaranteed

Rich product forms
Provide domestic modules, boards and complete machines of different sizes

Customized needs
Meet the local customization needs of different customers

Full process service support
Professional pre-sales and after-sales team to provide service guarantee

Advantech always focuses on the forefront of the industry,It can provide a complete set of software and hardware solutions based on China's "core" X86 & ARM platforms such as Rockchip, Zhaoxin, Phytium, and Haiguang.Paired with Advantech's domestic core AMR/AMF storage equipment, it helps industry customers quickly implement localization solutions.

In the future, Advantech will continue to work with Kirin Software to promote the implementation of "Innovation+" applications, inject new impetus into key areas such as finance, energy, automation, network security, rail transportation, etc., and help realize the internal transfer of information technology routes and build A safe and independent new ecology for domestic circulation.

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