GaN new technology can increase heat dissipation capacity by more than 2 times

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GaN new technology can increase heat dissipation capacity by more than 2 times

Posted Date: 2024-01-16

Recently, a research team at Osaka Public University successfully used diamond as a substrate to produce a gallium nitride (GaN) transistor. Its heat dissipation performance is more than twice that of using a silicon carbide (SiC) substrate to produce transistors of the same shape. It is expected to be used in The research results have been published in "Small" magazine in the fields of 5G communication base stations, weather radar, satellite communications, microwave heating, plasma processing and other fields.

As semiconductor technology continues to develop, issues such as power density and heat dissipation have become increasingly prominent. The industry is trying to solve the above problems through a new generation of materials.

It is reported that diamond has extremely strong thermal conductivity, and gallium nitride has characteristics such as wide bandgap and high conductivity. Due to the above characteristics, gallium nitride transistors based on diamond have high hopes.

In the latest research, scientists at Osaka Public University successfully manufactured GaN high electron mobility transistors using diamond as a substrate. To further improve diamond's thermal conductivity, the researchers added a layer of 3C-SiC (cubic silicon carbide) between GaN and diamond. This technology significantly reduces the thermal resistance of the interface, thereby improving heat dissipation efficiency.

Review Editor: Liu Qing

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