Grand announcement!Highlights of Shenzhen International Sensor Exhibition are coming

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Grand announcement!Highlights of Shenzhen International Sensor Exhibition are coming

Posted Date: 2024-02-05


In the blink of an eye, 2024 has hit us all.

Looking back on 2023, China Sensors and Internet of Things Alliance will continue to build a multi-faceted service platform for industry docking, industry standards, project selection, conference activities, consultation and other services based on its original intention of promoting the construction of an industrial ecosystem, leading a large number of enterprises to cooperate with ship power, industry , automobile, energy, aerospace, medical and other application leading companies to achieve resource docking.

In the past year, the alliance has traveled to more than 20 cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Chengdu, Wuxi, Shenzhen, and Wuhan. Every time it travels, it has always been closely linked to enterprises and industries. It has gained a lot of industry recognition and has also seen sensor technology. New possibilities for industrial development.



Entering 2024, the alliance will begin the first major event of the new year! From April 14th to 16th, the Shenzhen International Sensor and Application Technology Exhibition hosted by the Alliance will be held grandly at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian).

At this important moment, the Alliance will release several major news and exhibition highlights.Sound the clarion call that the opening is imminent, help the sensing industry get started in 2024, and take a new step toward the trillion-dollar application industry.

International expansion opens a new chapter

Industry giant’s new product “world premiere, first exhibition in China”

Shenzhen International Sensor Exhibition aims to create an open international cooperation platform and window for upstream, mid-stream and downstream industrial chain cooperation, integration of large and medium-sized enterprises, industry-university-research collaboration, and interaction between Chinese and foreign enterprises. Highlights of international elements:

ST, BOSCH, Honeywell, Infineon, ADI, E+H, Druck, Fluke, Huba Control, SIEMENS's Supplyframe Inc, TDK, TE Connectivity, UST, Sensirion, Melexis, etc.A large number of global giants gathered at this exhibition on a large scale. Many of these companies are participating in the exhibition for the first time, and will bring new products and new technologies for their "world premiere and first exhibition in China."

Taking a fancy to the exhibition platform effect and the value potential of the Chinese market, MSIG, AMA and Swiss Microelectronics Research Institute,Hahn Schickard and other international sensing industry platforms and associations,A group of overseas companies will be organized to participate in the exhibitionShenzhen International Sensor Exhibition’s international circle of friends continues to expand.

The alliance continues to promote the process of international in-depth exchanges. In June 2024,The alliance will start a return trip to Europe and lead a "hundred-person group" of local sensing entrepreneurs to visit the Sensor+Test exhibitiondocking with more than 20 European head sensing companies, bringing opportunities for cross-border cooperation between companies.

Great lineup of guests!

Over 20 professional conferences and activities create a grand opening event for the year

The current international situation is complex, and "decoupling, breaking links, and de-risking" has made global economic growth sluggish, and corporate development is facing tremendous pressure. Due to the wide variety of categories and fragmented applications in the sensor industry, companies urgently need the power of platforms to empower them. Through cooperation, linkage, collaboration and interactive discussions across the entire industrial ecosystem, it has become a development consensus in the industry.

Therefore, this exhibition will holdovertake20 professional activities gathered industry leaders and experts from industry, academia, research, applications, finance, services, etc. to discuss industry trends, situations, dilemmas and other issues.The major companies invited to the concurrent conferences of the exhibition have been announced one after another:

The 2nd Global Sensor Summit Forum

Companies planned to be invited: National Intelligent Sensor Innovation Center, Bosch/Infineon/ST/TE Connectivity/ADI/Honeywell, Nanochip, AAC Technology, Sagitar, MSIG, etc.

Global Electronic Components Supply Chain Summit

Companies planned to be invited: Sifangwei, Mouser Electronics/Arrow Electronics/Avnet, solution providers, etc.

The 2nd Advanced Sensor Manufacturing Conference

Companies planned to be invited: Shanghai Silicon Group, Zengxin Technology, SMIC Shaoxing, China Resources Micro, Saiwei, NPU Ningbo Research Institute, Wuxi Internet of Things Center, Suzhou Nano City MEMSRIGHT micro-nano pilot line, Shengmei, etc.

The 2nd High-Quality Development Forum on Metrology, Inspection and Intelligent Sensors

Companies planned to be invited: TUV, SGS, Wuxi IoT Sensing Equipment Testing Center, Shenzhen Institute of Metrology, National Institute of Metrology, Druck, E+H, etc.

Advanced Magnetic Sensor Technology Seminar

Companies planned to be invited: Duowei, Matrix Optoelectronics, Xinjin Electronics, Xmagnetics, Oriental Microelectronics, QST, TDK, etc.

Environmental Sensors and Applications Seminar—Special Seminar on Force Sensor Technology

Companies invited under the plan: Fluck, Druck, E+H, TE, Zhongxing Measurement and Control, Sensirui, Audiway, Ruigan, etc.

Environmental Sensors and Applications Seminar - Gas Sensor Technology Seminar

Companies invited to the plan: Sensirui, honeywell, Ruigan, Meloc, Hanwei, Sifang Optoelectronics, Sanyou Optoelectronics, Huiwen, Nuoan Intelligent, Mesi Advanced, Aosong, etc.

2024 Greater Bay Area Digital Energy Industry Development Summit Forum

Companies planned to be invited: Huawei Digital Energy, ADI/Honeywell/Infineon/TE, Ampron, Kehua Data, Shenzhen Energy Group, Lihe Micro, ZTE New Energy Technology, ADLINK Technology, Xindamao, etc.

Robotics and Intelligent Sensing Technology Forum

Companies planned to be invited: Passini, Nernstar, Keli Sensing, QST, Han's Laser, Fourier Intelligence, China Electronics Hikvision, etc.

The 3rd Automotive Electronics Summit

Companies planned to be invited: Bosch, Honeywell, TDK, Ampron, Pingjie, Huawei, BYD, Aian, Joyson Electronics, etc.

Smart Healthcare and Medical Device Innovation and Development Forum

Companies planned to be invited: Guochuang Medical Device Center, E+H, United Imaging, MicroPort, Mindray, Coman, TE/Honeywell, etc.

Water quality monitoring technology seminar

Companies invited under the plan: TE/Honeywell/Murata, School of Mechanical Engineering of Zhejiang University, ADI, Zhejiang Supcon, etc.

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