Hedong Technology releases all-in-one human presence sensor based on 24GHz millimeter wave radar

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Hedong Technology releases all-in-one human presence sensor based on 24GHz millimeter wave radar

Posted Date: 2024-01-21

With the accelerated popularity of smart homes, users' expectations for smart experiences are constantly increasing, and the role of human body sensors, one of the basic hardware of smart homes, is becoming more and more important.

Recently, Hedong Technology HDL, a leading brand in wired intelligent control, released a new human body sensor product - HDL all-in-one human presence sensor. This product applies 24GHz millimeter wave radar technology, has a multi-functional interface, supports edge computing and master-slave logic, and achieves the seamless integration of high-precision human presence perception and multi-dimensional spatial environment monitoring, bringing users more sensitivity, intelligence, and A more stable smart experience.

As the flagship product of HDL sensors, the HDL all-in-one human presence sensor further improves HDL's product ecosystem and provides solid support for the implementation of active whole-house intelligence pioneered by HDL.

Perception is more precise and new static perception ability is added

Human presence perception is the basis for realizing intelligent control. The smart home central control system can form a closed loop of human-computer interaction by receiving various data collected by human body presence sensors, having the chip calculate and send signals, and then the central control device makes control decisions. Therefore, smart home systems have very high requirements for sensor detection accuracy and sensitivity.

At present, products on the market widely use infrared detection, ultrasonic detection and other technologies, which have the disadvantage of being insensitive to static human bodies and easily causing system misjudgment.

Millimeter-wave radar technology has the characteristics of high recognition accuracy, high sensitivity, and strong anti-interference ability, and has been widely used in fields such as driverless driving that require extremely high recognition accuracy.

HDL applies innovative 24GHz millimeter wave radar technology to HDL intelligent control system hardware products and launches an all-in-one human presence sensor, which gives the sensor product a new ability to perceive stillness and micro-motion; at the same time, it further improves detection accuracy and significantly improves The sensing accuracy effectively solves the problem of missed detections of smart home sensors and false touches of the system in the past.

For example, in reading scenes and bed rest scenes, the local movements of the human body and even the ups and downs of the chest during rest can be accurately detected, providing accurate basis for smart home system decision-making, thus providing users with high matching, High comfort scene mode.

Richer functions, experience all-round true intelligence

While improving sensing capabilities by leaps and bounds, the HDL all-in-one human presence sensor further realizes the integration of multiple sensing capabilities.

The sensor comes with a multi-functional interface. You can use the human body presence sensor interface alone to set up automation, or you can combine it with more functional interfaces to achieve more advanced automation scenarios.

Specifically, the HDL all-in-one human presence sensor can not only realize movement sensing and presence sensing, but also integrate and integrate functions such as illumination sensing and temperature sensing through multi-functional interfaces.

The HDL all-in-one human presence sensor has a single sensing range of 6-8 meters in diameter, which can cover most single spaces in homes, hotels, and offices.

Moreover, the sensor supports master-slave logic layout. Each HDL all-in-one human presence sensor can be used as a "master sensor" and other sensors can be added as "slave sensors" to establish a sensor group that supports a maximum of 16 sensors. , enrich the detection dimensions and expand the detection scope, thereby providing users with more sufficient mode selection rights and mode customization space.

For example, in the home scene, there is the integration of perception and illumination sensing, which can automatically light up the lights when it is detected that the indoor light is lower than the set value and someone is present; there is the perception-linked temperature sensing, humidity sensing, dry node , which can proactively decide on lighting and heating and ventilation modes based on the detected light and temperature conditions when the user returns home.

Faster response, stable and consistent

This HDL all-in-one human presence sensor product also integrates HDL's technical capabilities that have been successfully proven by the market in central control products. The core logic module supports edge computing and works with millimeter wave detection technology, which greatly improves the system's response speed.

In terms of function selection, the HDL all-in-one human presence sensor provides 1-100% spatial brightness adjustment range, 1-10 level sensitivity selection, 1-3600 second delay time setting and 3 working modes, which is convenient for different users to use according to different needs. The scene has richer and more refined mode settings.

In terms of design, this sensor can be installed concealed in the early stage or exposed in the later stage. The wiring is simple. The exquisite and concise integrated design can be integrated with the hard decoration style of most use environments.

Based on HDL's consistent rigorous testing and high-quality pursuit of products, the HDL all-in-one human presence sensor has gone through many test requirements that far exceed the industry's international standards, such as 7-day withstand pressure testing, high-standard hardware testing, and special performance testing. It is adaptable to various complex environments and has "hard capabilities" such as excellent anti-interference ability, super operational stability, long service life and easy maintenance.

The "combination of software and hardware" makes the HDL intelligent control supported by the HDL all-in-one human presence sensor sensitive, convenient and timeless. Even if the network is suddenly disconnected, there will be no downtime, making the whole house intelligent control stable and consistent.

Enrich the ecology and experience more proactive whole-house intelligence

Among the HDL sensor series products, the HDL all-in-one human presence sensor has achieved all-round upgrades in software and hardware, fully demonstrating HDL’s technology and hardware manufacturing capabilities as a flagship.

As the latest member of HDL's central control product ecosystem, this product can be widely used in homes, hotels, offices and other scenarios. It actively provides a humanized and comfortable space experience when there are people in it, and automatically switches to energy-saving mode when there is no one, allowing users to truly get active whole-house experience. Intelligence brings peace of mind, convenience and environmental protection.

For HDL, the leading brand of wired intelligent control, smart home is not only the intelligence of smart home products or individual systems such as security, lighting, and air, but also the all-round intelligence of systems such as security, lighting, air, and audio and video ( Whole-house intelligence); it is no longer complex intelligence that passively responds to user manipulation and allows users to adapt to the system, but is active non-sense intelligence that can proactively provide solutions to users.

Review Editor: Liu Qing

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