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Launch of high-capacity smart meter batterie at ACE2023

Launch of high-capacity smart meter batterie at ACE2023

Posted Date: 2023-06-09

Ultralife Corporation will be exhibiting at the ACE Conference, where it will launch its 19Ah d cell battery, which is designed specifically for water meters and other utility meters.

In recent years the company has made major investments to improve the range of non-rechargeable Lithium Thionyl Chloride cell, which is often embedded in utility meters throughout the product's lifetime. The new cell has an industry-leading capacity that produces a long life span and was already verified by a leading OEM.

Utility metering requires power to transmit data about energy usage from the smart meter of the consumer to the energy provider. Some meters are plugged into the mains but require batteries to back them up in case of a power failure. Other meters are wireless and use batteries as their main power source. This may mean that the batteries need to be changed more frequently.

Eric Lind, vice-president of Ultralife Corporation, explained that research suggests that smart meter deployment by 2027 will generate around 60 billion dollars in revenue for vendors worldwide. "However, for this growth to be a success, the energy companies must have faith that the smart meter will provide an uninterrupted stream data so that their customers can be accurately billed. This is why battery power reliability is so important.

Non-rechargeable Lithium Manganese Dioxide cell are available for smart meters, where batteries might need to be changed. They have a high energy density with low self discharge. This includes the UB123A which has a high-pulse discharge of 3,000mA. It can therefore provide more power than other cells. The company also has its own hybrid nonrechargeable chemistry, which is a Lithium Carbon Monofluoride Manganese Doxide. The upcoming XR123A has a runtime of around 30% more than other CR123As.

ACE, booth 2513, Toronto, Canada, 12-14 June 2023.

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