How to reduce the heat affected zone during laser cutting

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How to reduce the heat affected zone during laser cutting

Posted Date: 2024-01-28

In the laser cutting process, the size of the heat-affected zone is one of the important factors affecting the cutting quality. To reduce the heat affected zone, the following measures can be taken:

1.Adjust cutting parameters:Cutting parameters in laser cutting are one of the main factors that determine thermal effects. By adjusting parameters such as laser power, speed, focal length, etc., the heat input during cutting can be reduced and the thermal impact can be reduced. In actual operation, it can be adjusted according to the characteristics of different materials and actual needs to achieve the best cutting effect and minimal thermal impact.

2. Use gas assistance:The use of gas assist can effectively reduce the thermal impact during laser cutting. The gas can take heat away from the cutting area, lowering the surface temperature of the material and reducing heat input. At the same time, the gas can also remove waste and oxides generated in the cutting area, improving cutting speed and quality.

3. Use a cooling system:For thicker materials, a cooling system can effectively reduce the thermal impact. The cooling system can spray water or other cooling media into the cutting area to quickly cool down the heat and prevent the material from overheating and deformation. At the same time, the cooling system can also reduce the content of tiny particles in the cutting exhaust gas, protecting the environment and operator health.

4. Choose appropriate materials and design structures:When designing products, you should try to choose materials with high heat resistance and high thermal conductivity, and use appropriate design structures to reduce thermal effects. For example, when designing a heat insulation board, a sandwich structure can be used to sandwich the heat insulation material between two metal plates with good thermal conductivity to ensure the heat insulation performance while ensuring the strength and stability of the board.

5. Keep equipment well maintained and managed:After long-term use, laser cutting equipment is prone to various problems, such as focusing lens aging, fiber damage, coolant leakage, etc. The existence of these problems will seriously affect the cutting effect and stability of the equipment and intensify the thermal impact. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain good maintenance and management of equipment, and regularly clean, repair and replace consumable parts to improve the service life and performance of the equipment.

By adjusting cutting parameters, using gas assistance, using cooling systems, selecting appropriate materials and design structures, and maintaining good equipment maintenance and management, the size of the heat-affected zone during laser cutting can be effectively reduced and cutting quality and efficiency improved. .

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