How to solve the problem of welding pores in SMT rapid prototyping processing?

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How to solve the problem of welding pores in SMT rapid prototyping processing?

Posted Date: 2024-02-01

Welding pores are a common poor processing phenomenon in the SMT rapid prototyping process. Welding pores are generally found in the reflow soldering and plug-in wave soldering processes of SMT patch processing. The existence of welding holes not only affects the appearance of the plate, but also affects the welding quality of the solder joints. So how to solve this problem in welding processing?Shenzhen Jiajinyuan belowSolder paste manufacturerLet me introduce to you some common prevention methods:

1. Bake

Circuit boards and components that have not been used for a long time and are exposed to the air may contain moisture. They must be baked after a period of time or before use to prevent moisture from affecting SMT chip processing.

2. Solder paste

Solder paste is also very important for SMT factory processing, and if the solder paste contains moisture, it will easily produce pores or solder beads and other undesirable phenomena during the welding process.

You cannot cut corners when selecting solder paste. You must choose high-quality solder paste, and the solder paste must be tempered and stirred in strict accordance with the processing requirements before use. In SMT chip processing, it is best not to expose the solder paste to the air for a long time. After printing the solder paste in the solder paste printing process, you must seize the time to reflow soldering.

3. Workshop humidity

The humidity in the processing workshop is also a very important environmental factor for the SMT rapid prototyping workshop. It is generally controlled at 40%-60%.

4. Furnace temperature curve

Strictly carry out furnace temperature detection in accordance with the standard requirements of electronic processing plants, and optimize the furnace temperature curve in a planned manner. The temperature in the preheating zone needs to meet the requirements so that the flux can fully volatilize, and the speed of passing through the furnace cannot be too fast.

5. Flux

During the wave soldering process in electronic processing, the flux should not be sprayed too much or too much.

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