Infineon and Framework launch pen with advanced USB-C connectivity that can be easily upgraded, customized and repaired

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Infineon and Framework launch pen with advanced USB-C connectivity that can be easily upgraded, customized and repaired

Posted Date: 2024-02-05

2024Year2moon2Japan, Munich, Germany and San Francisco, California, USA]Issues such as e-waste and all-in-one laptops that are easily obsolete have gradually attracted the attention and concern of many consumers, who want greener technology products to choose from. To this end, Framework Computer has cooperated with Infineon Technologies AG (FSE code: IFX / OTCQX code: IFNNY) and recently jointly launched the latest product Framework Laptop 16. This laptop is the first consumer electronics product to support 180 W and 240 W USB-C charging. This feature is mainly achieved thanks to the use of Framework Laptop 16 to support extended power range (EPR), highly integrated dual / single port USB-C PD controller - EZ-PD CCG8.


Nirav Patel, founder and CEO of Framework, said: “EZ-PD CCG8 brings great flexibility to system design, not only supporting the latest USB-PD 3.1 fast charging standard, but also enabling us to equip laptops with unique The expansion card system allows end users to customize individual ports."

Ganesh Subramaniam, Senior Vice President of the Wired Connectivity Solutions Product Line at Infineon Technologies, said: "Infineon is continuing to move towards low-carbon goals and implementing them into the company's daily operations. We are very pleased that our solutions can help Framework To provide customers with a product that delivers outstanding performance and helps shape a green, low-carbon future.”

EZ-PD CCG8 is a USB Type-C controller. This product can support dual-port/single-port USB Type-C, and supports the latest USB Type-C and PD standards. This controller has built-in N-channel field-effect transistor (NFET) gate drive, fault protection and slew rate control. In addition, it is equipped with a 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0 Plus processor with a main frequency of up to 48 MHz, and also integrates the terminal resistors Rp, Rd and dead battery Rd required to complete the TYPE-C connection. These features combine to form a complete USB Type-C and USB PD port control solution. EZ-PD CCG8 can simplify the design process for engineers and is ideal for advanced connectivity solutions in personal computers (PCs), laptops and other devices.

EZ-PD CCG8 is now available. For more information, please visit

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