Integrated software and hardware solution for remote monitoring of water leakage in various scenarios

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Integrated software and hardware solution for remote monitoring of water leakage in various scenarios

Posted Date: 2024-01-18
Pain point analysis

In industrial production, water immersion sensors can be installed in data centers, semiconductor factories, oil pipelines, workshops, warehouses, transformer rooms and other areas prone to flooding. Once water leakage is detected, a signal feedback is sent immediately. However, water immersion sensors are scattered in various locations, resulting in uncentralized and inconvenient management. The traditional manual inspection method is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also may have the risk of missed detection and false detection. When emergencies such as flooding occur, each A minute can cause huge damage.

An Introduction

Boda Zhilian's water immersion sensor monitoring solution consists of Boda smart gateway and cloud platform. Water leakage is detected through water immersion probes. Boda Zhilian provides a variety of gateways that can easily connect to water immersion sensors and transmit data to the cloud platform. Realize 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring of data through data transmissionRemotelyUpload monitoring results to the cloud platform in real time.

This solution can not only remotely control the working status of water immersion sensors, but also achieve remote centralized management of water immersion sensors. There is no need to waste manpower on manual inspections. Even if your water immersion sensors are scattered around, you only need to use your mobile phone or Computers can remotely monitor and manage water immersion sensors at any location, grasp data and status in real time, and monitor and manage all water immersion sensors in one stop. Enterprises do not need manpower to be stationed on site, saving manpower and time costs and improving management efficiency.

Solution advantages

1. Various water immersion sensor alarm notification methods

The data is remotely uploaded to the cloud. The platform analyzes the monitoring data and issues control commands to the device to enable the water immersion sensor to operate remotely. When the water immersion sensor detects water leakage, in addition to triggering an alarm, Boda Zhilian also provides a variety of notification methods. , to ensure that operation and maintenance personnel can be informed of the situation in a timely manner.

Whether it is a WeChat official account, phone call, text message, large screen, APP and other channels, alert information can be sent to operation and maintenance personnel in real time. In this way, even if the operation and maintenance personnel are busy operating, they can respond immediately and protect the security of the equipment and data to the maximum extent.

2. Provide a large visual screen for water immersion sensors

Boda Cloud Platform also provides various types of large visual screens to choose from, which can be used according to the desired style. The large visual screen can centrally manage all water immersion sensors, and can also display the online status, offline status, and alarm of the water immersion sensors. situation, equipment map location, etc. You can also view data by project and equipment.

Through the large-screen display, monitoring personnel can intuitively check the status of each water immersion sensor and the water leakage situation, and take timely measures to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

3. Can independently design the water immersion sensor configuration screen

Boda Zhilian also supports custom cloud configuration design, which requires no programming or writing code. Only through simple drag and drop operations, the status of the water immersion sensor and the visual display of the process flow can be realized to achieve remote management and monitoring. Among them, the template cloud The configuration supports one configuration shared by multiple devices.

Among them, Boda Intelligence continuously optimizes performance, provides powerful functions, ensures the stable operation of cloud configurations, and provides a variety of industry configurations for reference.

4. Support platform customization and hardware customization

At the same time, Boda Zhilian also supports customized services, not only supporting customized platform software, but also customized hardware gateways to meet your privatization needs.

If you have special needs or want to incorporate your own elements into the solution, Boda Intelligence will fully cooperate and provide customized services to ensure you the most satisfactory water immersion sensor monitoring solution and further improve the monitoring effect and user experience.

About Boda Intelligence

The advent of Boda's intelligent water immersion sensor monitoring solution has enabled the effective application of water immersion sensor leakage monitoring. Not only does it provide a one-stop solution, it also wins the favor of many users with its efficient and reliable functions and innovative customized services.

It is worth mentioning that Boda Zhilian has been focusing on product development and system maintenance, investing a lot of time in the development and maintenance of cloud platforms. So far, Boda Industrial Cloud Platform has been running stably for more than six years and is a very trustworthy company. platform. In the future, I believe that Boda Zhilian will bring more innovative solutions and inject new impetus into the development of the industry.

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