Intel enables mass production of 3D packaging technology Foveros

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Intel enables mass production of 3D packaging technology Foveros

Posted Date: 2024-01-27

Intel recently announced that they have achieved mass production based on industry-leading semiconductor packaging solutions, including the epoch-making 3D packaging technology Foveros. The introduction of this technology marks a major breakthrough for Intel in the field of semiconductor packaging.

Foveros packaging technology allows computing modules to be stacked vertically during processor manufacturing, rather than the traditional horizontal way. This not only increases integration density but also helps optimize cost and energy efficiency. More importantly, Foveros enables Intel and its foundry customers to integrate different computing chips, enabling more complex heterogeneous chip production in a single package.

The mass production of this technology has laid a solid foundation for Intel's future advanced packaging technology innovation. As Moore's Law is gradually reaching its limits, Intel is promoting the development of Moore's Law through faster and lower-cost technology paths. This means they are on track to achieve their goal of integrating trillions of transistors in a single package after 2030 and continue to push Moore's Law forward.

This breakthrough development undoubtedly increases Intel's leading position in the field of advanced packaging. At the same time, it also brings new development opportunities and challenges to the entire semiconductor industry.

Review Editor: Huang Fei

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