Internet of Things Comprehensive Experiment Platform Sharing

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Internet of Things Comprehensive Experiment Platform Sharing

Posted Date: 2024-01-30

1. Introduction

The experimental platform is mainly positioned to meet the practical training requirements of Internet of Things-related courses. The experimental platform supports wireless network communications such as ZigBee, BLE, lorawan, nbiot, RFID, etc., and supports wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things artificial intelligence, embedded system development, and RFID radio frequency identification. Technology and other course experiments basically cover common IoT technologies.

The experimental platform can build an "Internet of Things cloud platform" deployed on private clouds and public clouds. Equipment can be uploaded to the cloud, and with a variety of sensor modules, comprehensive training experiments for embedded wireless sensors based on the Internet of Things cloud platform can be completed. The embedded deep learning framework Tengine is provided to complete intelligent IoT comprehensive experiments such as voiceprint recognition access control experiments and AI voice smart home experiments.

The overall framework of the experimental platform is as follows:

2. Physical display

3. Partial Hardware Introduction

This experimental platform is equipped with a high-performance ARM computer module. The core is Rockchip's 64-bit six-core Soc RK3399 processor. It comes standard with 4GB DDR3 memory and 16GB flash memory. Its performance is sufficient to meet daily experimental level development and operation.

At the same time, this experimental platform is equipped with 6 types of sensor components as standard, which is used to enrich the understanding and use of sensors and actuators in IoT-related experiments. Below are physical pictures of the six sensors.

4. Experimental cases

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