Introduction to the main features of 5v2a adapter power chip CY2525D

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Introduction to the main features of 5v2a adapter power chip CY2525D

Posted Date: 2024-01-24

5v2a adapter power chip CY2525D continues to be popular

For qualified power adapters, products that have obtained 3C certification are preferred, with clear rated input voltage or rated voltage range, symbols of power supply properties, safety instructions and other information. You must also choose a power adapter that matches the entire machine. Before purchasing a power adapter, you need to understand basic information such as the electrical parameters of the complete appliance used with it. The output voltage must be consistent with the rated voltage of the complete machine. The same is true for the choice of adapter power chip. The adapter power chip CY2525D has six levels of energy efficiency, high-precision constant voltage and constant current control, energy saving and reliability, let’s learn more!

Primary-side feedback CC/CV PFM/PWM controller power chip CY2525D is a high-performance switching power supply chip used for primary-side sampling and control. Its built-in power BJT can be used in offline switching power supply products within 10W. CY2525D uses the PFM control method when working in constant current mode, and uses the PWM+PFM control method when working in constant voltage mode, so that high-precision constant voltage and constant current control effects can be obtained without any secondary sampling and control circuits. .

At the same time, the power chip CY2525D also has built-in input line voltage compensation and output cable compensation, so as to obtain better voltage and current regulation rates. CY2525D has a large number of built-in compensation and protection functions, which simplifies the peripheral circuit, facilitates PCB layout and EMI design, improves the reliability of the solution, and reduces the cost of the solution. Mainly used in mobile phone battery chargers, AC/DC power adapters and LED lighting.

Main features of power chip CY2525D:

●Primary side control does not require optocoupler and secondary control circuit

●PWM+PFM multi-mode hybrid control

●Built-in 800V power BJT

●±4% constant voltage accuracy and high constant current accuracy within the full voltage range

●No-load power consumption under typical applications

●Built-in soft-start circuit

●Built-in output line compensation

●Built-in frequency jitter

●Ultra-low startup power consumption (

●Built-in over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection and other protection functions

●Cycle-by-cycle current limit

●Dynamic transistor base driver

●Applicable power 10W

●SOP-7 package

The starting current of the power chip CY2525D is very small, so before the chip is turned on, the system can turn on the chip with a smaller power. When the chip VDD voltage rises to the turn-on threshold VDDON, the chip turns on and generates an internal enable signal to enable the internal functional modules to control the system to work. After the chip is turned on, if the VDD voltage drops to the shutdown threshold VDDOFF, the chip will have under-voltage protection, turn off the internal enable signal and stop working.

With the acceleration of urbanization, consumers have new demands for home appliances, and it also brings new development opportunities to the power adapter market.

Review Editor: Liu Qing

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