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IXYS MCC132-16io1 IGBT Module

IXYS MCC132-16io1 IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-08-01
IXYS MCC132-16io1 IGBT Module
IXYS MCC132-16io1 IGBT Module
IXYS MCC132-16io1 IGBT Module
IXYS MCC132-16io1 IGBT Module
IXYS MCC132-16io1 IGBT Module

The IXYS MCC132-16IO1 is an IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module designed for high-power switching functions. It comes with a number of options and benefits that make it appropriate for varied industrial and energy management functions. Listed below are the important thing specs and options of the MCC132-16IO1 IGBT module:


  • Worldwide Customary Package deal: The module is designed to stick to worldwide requirements for compatibility and ease of use.
  • Direct Copper Bonded Al2O3 – Ceramic Base Plate: The IGBT chips are mounted on a ceramic base plate utilizing direct copper bonding, which gives glorious thermal conductivity and reliability.
  • Planar Passivated Chips: Planar know-how is used to manufacture the IGBT chips, offering enhanced efficiency and effectivity.
  • Isolation Voltage: The module affords an isolation voltage of 3600V, making certain electrical isolation between the management and energy circuits.
  • Keyed Gate/Cathode Twin Pins: The pins are designed with a keying function for correct alignment throughout set up.


The MCC132-16IO1 IGBT module finds software in varied areas, together with however not restricted to:

  1. Motor Management: Used for driving and controlling electrical motors in varied industrial functions.
  2. Energy Converter: Employed in energy conversion methods to vary the voltage, frequency, or section of electrical energy.
  3. Warmth and Temperature Management for Industrial Furnaces and Chemical Processes: Utilized in controlling warmth and temperature in industrial processes.
  4. Lighting Management: Utilized in controlling lighting methods for varied functions.
  5. Contactless Switches: Utilized in contactless switching functions, akin to inductive load switching.


The MCC132-16IO1 IGBT module affords a number of benefits, together with:

  1. Area and Weight Financial savings: The compact design and excessive integration of the module lead to house and weight financial savings within the system.
  2. Easy Mounting: The module is designed for easy mounting within the software.
  3. Improved Temperature and Energy Biking: Offers improved efficiency throughout temperature variations and energy biking.
  4. Decreased Safety Circuits: The module’s options scale back the necessity for added safety circuits within the system.


The important thing specs of the IXYS MCC132-16IO1 IGBT module are as follows:

  • Most RMS Present (ITRMS) at Tj=Tvjm (Junction Temperature = Most Digital Junction Temperature): 300A
  • Most Common Output Present (ITAVM) at TC = 85°C, 180° Sine: 130A
  • Most Reverse Voltage (VRRM): 1700V
  • Most Isolation Voltage (VISOL) at 50/60Hz, RMS for 1 minute: 3000V
  • Mounting Torque (M6): 2.25-2.75 Nm/
  • Terminal Connection Torque (M6): 4.5-5.5 Nm/
  • Weight (Typical, Together with Screws): 125g

The MCC132-16IO1 IGBT module is appropriate for high-power functions the place dependable energy switching and management are required. As with all digital part, it's important to discuss with the producer’s datasheet and pointers for detailed info on the module’s electrical traits, thermal scores, and correct utilization directions to make sure dependable and protected operation in your particular software.