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IXYS MUBW35-12A7 IGBT Module

IXYS MUBW35-12A7 IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-07-15
IXYS MUBW35-12A7 IGBT Module
IXYS MUBW35-12A7 IGBT Module
IXYS MUBW35-12A7 IGBT Module
IXYS MUBW35-12A7 IGBT Module
IXYS MUBW35-12A7 IGBT Module

The IXYS MUBW35-12A7 is an influence diode module particularly designed for industrial functions akin to welding and battery charging. It presents excessive energy density, a low profile, and a excessive surge present functionality, making it appropriate for demanding environments.

Electrical Specs:

  • Most Common Ahead Present: 35 A This specification signifies the utmost common present that the diode module can deal with.
  • Repetitive Peak Reverse voltage: 1200 V It specifies the utmost voltage that may be utilized throughout the diode module within the reverse route.
  • Most Surge Present: 500 A This parameter denotes the utmost present that the module can deal with throughout short-duration surges or transients.
  • Most Ahead Voltage Drop: 1.85 V at 35 A It represents the voltage drop throughout the diode module when it's conducting the utmost ahead present.
  • Most Reverse Restoration Time: 200 ns This worth specifies the time required for the diode to change from the conducting state to the non-conducting state when the voltage polarity throughout it's reversed.
  • Most Reverse Restoration Present: 30 A It signifies the utmost present that flows by means of the diode in the course of the reverse restoration time.

Mechanical Specs:

  • Weight: 130 g The load of the module gives a sign of its bodily traits.
  • Module Sort: Normal Diode The MUBW35-12A7 module is a typical diode module, providing primary diode performance.
  • Package deal Fashion: MiniBLOC It's packaged within the MiniBLOC fashion, which gives ease of set up and substitute.
  • Mounting Fashion: Screw The module is mounted utilizing screws, guaranteeing safe and dependable set up.
  • Mounting Torque: 3.5 Nm This worth specifies the really helpful torque for tightening the screws throughout mounting.
  • Working Temperature: -40 to +125 °C The module is designed to function inside a temperature vary of -40 to +125 levels Celsius, permitting for a variety of functions.