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IXYS VUO55-12NO7 IGBT Module

IXYS VUO55-12NO7 IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-06-25
IXYS VUO55-12NO7 IGBT Module
IXYS VUO55-12NO7 IGBT Module
IXYS VUO55-12NO7 IGBT Module
IXYS VUO55-12NO7 IGBT Module
IXYS VUO55-12NO7 IGBT Module

The IXYS VUO55-12NO7 is a Bridge Rectifier Diode module with the next specs:

  • Producer Half Quantity: VUO55-12NO7
  • Pbfree Code: Sure (indicating it's lead-free)
  • Producer: IXYS CORP
  • Package deal Description: S-PUFM-X5
  • Further Function: UL RECOGNIZED (acknowledged by Underwriters Laboratories)
  • Case Connection: ISOLATED (the case is electrically remoted)
  • Configuration: BRIDGE, 6 ELEMENTS (configured as a bridge rectifier with six parts)
  • Diode Factor Materials: SILICON (the diode parts are product of silicon)
  • Ahead voltage-Max (VF): 1.6 V (the utmost ahead voltage drop throughout the diode)
  • JESD-30 Code: S-PUFM-X5
  • Non-rep Pk Ahead Present-Max: 750 A (the utmost non-repetitive peak ahead present)
  • Variety of Parts: 6 (the variety of diode parts within the bridge)
  • Variety of Phases: 3 (the variety of phases within the bridge configuration)
  • Variety of Terminals: 5 (the variety of terminals on the module)
  • Working Temperature-Max: 150 °C (the utmost working temperature)
  • Output Present-Max: 58 A (the utmost output present of the bridge)
  • Package deal Physique Materials: PLASTIC/EPOXY
  • Package deal Form: SQUARE
  • Package deal Model: FLANGE MOUNT (the package deal has a flange mount)
  • Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel): NOT SPECIFIED
  • Rep Pk Reverse Voltage-Max: 1200 V (the utmost repetitive peak reverse voltage)
  • Subcategory: Bridge Rectifier Diodes
  • Floor Mount: NO (the module shouldn't be floor mountable)
  • Terminal Type: UNSPECIFIED
  • Terminal Place: UPPER

Primarily based on the offered data, the IXYS VUO55-12NO7 is a bridge rectifier diode module with a most output present of 58A and a most repetitive peak reverse voltage of 1200V. It's designed for purposes the place a Three-Phase bridge rectifier configuration is required.