Jiejie Sensing assists in online monitoring of key equipment in a coal mine washing plant

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Jiejie Sensing assists in online monitoring of key equipment in a coal mine washing plant

Posted Date: 2024-01-25

As the level of intelligence and automation in the coal mining industry continues to improve, and there is an increasing shortage of professional operation and maintenance personnel, in order to improve operation and maintenance efficiency, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve the safe operation level of production lines, customers are urgently looking for mature equipment operating conditions. Monitoring and fault diagnosis system solutions.

1. Project background and goals

As a large-scale coal processing unit, a coal washing plant in a coal mine has equipment such as slime pumps, hybrid pumps and mixing pumps as core components of the production line. Their stable operation is directly related to production efficiency and safety. It is difficult to detect potential faults in time by relying on traditional manual regular inspections. To solve this problem,Jiejie Sensing’s own wireless temperature and vibration sensor is used for continuous online monitoring.,It aims to prevent unexpected shutdowns and major failures in advance by analyzing equipment vibration and temperature data in real time.

2. Introduction to wireless temperature and vibration sensors

JJ sensor used in this applicationWireless temperature and vibration sensor-VB21, with high sensitivity, wide frequency response and long-distance transmission capability,Ability to accurately capture and send real-time key vibration and temperature parameters of equipment.The sensor hasExplosion-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosionand other characteristics, suitable for complex industrial site environments.

VB21-Zigbee intelligent temperature and vibration composite sensor

3. Application implementation and effect evaluation

Deployment and integration:Wireless temperature and vibration sensors are installed at key parts of the coal slime pump, hybrid pump and mixing pump, and their data are wirelessly transmitted to the data collection platform in the central control room to form a comprehensive equipment vibration monitoring network.

Failure warning and response:When the monitoring data exceeds the preset threshold, the system immediately triggers an alarm and automatically starts fault self-diagnosis.Technicians quickly locate the source of the problem based on the alarm information and fault diagnosis conclusions.and take targeted maintenance measures to effectively prevent unplanned downtime caused by sudden equipment failures.

Economic benefits and safety improvements:Since the implementation of monitoring, the equipment failure rate has dropped by 80%, improving equipment utilization and service life. At the same time, through early warning of early failures, safety risks caused by equipment failures have been significantly reduced and the safety production of the entire coal washing plant has been improved. management level.

Through real-time monitoring and accurate diagnosis, digital and transparent management of equipment operating status is achieved, effectively promoting the pace of intelligent transformation of coal mines.

4. Future Outlook

Suzhou Jiejie will further expand the application scope of various smart sensors on important equipment in the coal mining industry, continue to optimize data analysis algorithms, improve prediction accuracy, build a more complete equipment health management system, and help the coal mining industry move toward efficiency, intelligence, and greenness. progress towards the goal.

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