Junkosha cable for ultra-high vacuum chambers

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Junkosha cable for ultra-high vacuum chambers

Posted Date: 2024-02-07

Developed as the cleanest cable assembly on the market, it comprises unique features including low outgassing and low particulation levels.

Junkosha’s Super Low Outgassing Cable is for equipment with ultra-high vacuum chambers such as semiconductor lithography equipment and SEM, addressing the  need for cleanliness and precision in chip manufacturing.

Featuring low outgassing and particulation levels, this cable enhances semiconductor manufacturers’ ability to maintain a pristine environment around their systems.

The tangible result is higher yields, reduced downtime, and enhanced overall productivity in semiconductor manufacturing processes.

The semiconductor manufacturing sector is characterized by its high energy consumption, primarily driven by the increasing need for cutting-edge technology products that cater to a constantly evolving user experience, coupled with the intricate nature of the manufacturing process.

As the demand for semiconductors continues to grow, taking steps to diminish the carbon footprint in this industry becomes imperative.

Starting from the material development phase of EPTFE, every step undergoes rigorous testing—from design to cable manufacturing, clean room assembly, and clean room packing.

This rigorous workflow ensures minimal outgassing and particle levels, optimizing cable life and minimizing equipment downtime for semiconductor manufacturers..

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