MAG-MATE terminals with elastic pins, the ideal solution for multi-layer PCB board connections

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MAG-MATE terminals with elastic pins, the ideal solution for multi-layer PCB board connections

Posted Date: 2024-01-12

For motor designers and manufacturers, performance, cost and reliability are all important factors when selecting materials. Therefore, aluminum enameled wire, which has more advantages than copper enameled wire in terms of cost-effectiveness, weight and market volatility, has stood out in recent years.

TE Connectivity (hereinafter referred to as "TE") launches aluminum enameled wire termination solutions, including SIAMEZE terminals for aluminum enameled wires and MAG-MATE terminals with elastic pins. The MAG-MATE terminals with elastic pins will be introduced in detail below.

MAG-MATE terminals with elastic pins combine Insulation Discharge Connection (IDC) terminals with press-fit elastic pins, allowing the enameled wire to be directly connected to the PCB board without soldering or welding. It is suitable for multi-layer PCBs The ideal solution for boards. In addition, it has a wider range of wire diameters, supports two unplugging and plugging times, and can accommodate single and double enameled wires.

Main features and advantages:

·No need to use welding and/or welding when terminating enameled wires and PCB boards, improving operating efficiency

·The elastic pin design does not require welding or welding, and can also provide positive force for PCB board connection.

·The application of elastic pins allows the motor to be removed for repair (no more than 2 times), reducing the scrap rate

·No need to strip wires in advance, saving time and labor costs

Application products: motors, spools, coils.

Application fields: TE's MAG-MATE terminals can be used in many fields, such as bringing a more reliable and exciting flight experience to drones with growing demand. Other application areas include:

·Small household appliances

·Main household appliances

·Industrial machinery and automation

·HVAC equipment




·Industrial and commercial transportation

·medical instruments


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