Main technical parameters of V-cone flowmeter

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Main technical parameters of V-cone flowmeter

Posted Date: 2024-01-15

The V-cone flowmeter is a new type of differential pressure flow measuring device that uses a pointed cone coaxially installed in the measuring tube as the throttling member. It is a new throttling device based on the measurement principle of the Venturi tube and integrating the advantages of the classic Venturi tube, annular orifice plate and wear-resistant orifice plate.

Features of V-cone flowmeter:

1. The vertebral body design has a rectifying effect and requires low installation straight pipe sections.

2. The range ratio is very wide

3. The V-cone sensor is wear-resistant and has good long-term stability.

4. Good signal stability

5. Small permanent pressure loss

6. V-cone β coefficient calculation range is wide

7. The V-cone sensor is non-clogging, non-adherent, and has no stagnant dead zone. It is especially suitable for flow measurement of dirty media.

8. Can measure high temperature and high pressure media

9. Complete specifications and flexible installation methods

The main technical parameters of V-cone flowmeter:

1. Accuracy level: ±0 5% (the accuracy of the differential pressure flow transmitter should be higher than and including level 0.2), (β: 0.45--0.85 when β

2. Repeatability: 0.1%

3. Working pressure: 0-40MPa (multiple pressure levels are available)

4. Working temperature: -40--850℃

5. Ambient temperature: -40--65℃

6. Requirements for installing straight pipe sections: front 0-3D straight pipe, rear 0-1D straight pipe section

7. Range ratio: usually 10:1, it can reach 50:1 by selecting appropriate parameters.

8. Small loss: the same β value, the pressure loss is 1/3--1/5 of the orifice plate

9. Caliber: 15mm--2000mm

10. Applicable media: V-cone flowmeter sensors are widely used in flow measurement of fluids in municipal, electric power, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, food processing and other industries, and are suitable for almost all gas and liquid media.

Review Editor: Huang Fei

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